Bush: Don't bug me with those pesky facts

E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post has a great commentary on the budget and Iraq up today that I would like to point people to. The quote that really grabbed me was this one:

Consider only this number: Interest costs on Iraq-related debt will be more than $23 billion for fiscal 2008. That sum is almost exactly the amount separating Bush and Congress on spending levels for the entire budget now being debated.

That is just plain wrong.

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  1. Or as Christopher Dickey writes at Newsweek:

    “In an effort to make those figures comprehensible, the [Joint Economic Committee of Congress] tells us that for “the $432 million we spend in Iraq every day”—note, that is $432 million a day, per diem, seven days a three-billion-dollar week, or, looking at it another way, $18 million an hour, $300,000 a minute, $5,000 a second, and so on, ad nauseam.”

  2. And every damned penny of it so Bush and Cheney’s oil business buddies can rake in one last load of cash before they leave office – so they can bully their way into the coming energy technologies – and get a head start on charging us for friggin’ sunshine…..