Homeland security: the lethal illusion

americanterrorist.gifIn defense of the indefensible.

If you go through life without making any enemies you’re doing something wrong. If you go through life making a lot of enemies you’re doing something worse.

For a long time, the US contented itself with one enemy, the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, the CIA conducted covert operations such as rigging elections for dictators and assassinating their opponents. But those thus tyrannized had neither the inclination nor the resources to retaliate against the US.

Then, operating under the illusion that the mujahideen in Afghanistan were “freedom fighters,” as Ronald Reagan called them, we armed and supported them to the tune of billions of dollars. After driving the Soviets out, though, they were feeling their oats and looked around for a new target.

Watching us stand by as Israel poured salt in the wounds of Palestine and as, during the Gulf War, we stationed our troops in their holy land, Saudi Arabia, they found one what. Armed with our shoulder-mounted Stinger, among other weapons, the mujahideen turned around and bit the hand that fed them.

In other words, both by arming them and alienating them, we constructed enemies out of whole cloth. Who says the US doesn’t make anything anymore?

Then we retaliated for 9/11 against a sitting (Saddam Hussein) instead of a moving target (bin Laden). Our lack of discrimination sent the message that all of the Middle East was fair game. Voila –- instant enemies: all you can fight.

To the right, making enemies is a problem only if you’re a wimpy liberal. To most Americans, it just comes with the territory when you’re in the right. To our corporate-friendly administration, it justifies billions for defense.

In fact, our overwrought foreign policy almost seems like a make-work scheme for defense industries. If indeed it is a New Deal for defense, then the Department of Homeland Security is the largest WPA project ever.

Presumably, the term “homeland” was chosen to make us feel safe. But to those with even a glancing knowledge of the past, it’s a sick joke. Its uses the terminology of our two most formidable foes from last century: the Nazis, who called Germany the fatherland, and Russia — the motherland.

Besides, a homeland is a region from whose loins sprung the ethnic group inhabiting it. The US, a melting pot, is the exact opposite. “Is that guy an Arab?” we wonder as we pass someone on the street. “Or a Hispanic?”

Even sicker is how little bang for the buck we’re getting from the Department of Homeland Security for $30 billion this year. In his recent Mother Jones series on the DHS, veteran journalist James Ridgeway writes that “safeguards against domestic terrorist attacks. . . despite a few marginal improvements, remain terrifyingly lax.”

Even the Government Accountability Office recently criticized it for failing to improve its ability to respond to emergencies. To add insult to injury, each year it routinely flunks its audits. But that’s probably of no concern to the administation, which was never on board with the creation of the DHS and, most likely, would be just as happy to see it implode.

Meanwhile, Ridgeway explains, for those Congess members, whether Democratic or Republican, who are inclined to lend the DHS a helping hand, “expanding federal regulation, increasing federal spending, hiring unionized federal workers, and facing down industries with powerful lobbies” is “politically risky” in today’s climate.

Besides its aversion to federal agencies (except the Defense Department), neither is the administration’s heart in defending our soil. It, of course, subscribes to the get-’em-over-thar theory (if it’s geopolitically convenient, that is — vide bin Laden).

A Defense Department program that embodies Bush & Co.’s policy of thwarting threats before they reach the US was already entrenched before they were elected: It’s called the national missile defense system (it doesn’t deserve initial caps). But as the administration does with bin Laden, the program ducks the obvious threats.

As a recent Rolling Stone article explained: “Even the Missile Defense Agency concedes that the [missile defense shield] — originally envisioned as a defense against a rival superpower — is no longer of any use against China or Russia.”

Let’s see if we’ve got this right. Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons would overpower the shield. Meanwhile, Iran is years away from developing nukes and North Korea negotiates them away. Against whose nukes then are we spending billions to defend ourselves?

“Would you believe,” as America’s most beloved intelligence agent, Maxwell Smart, used to say, “Venezuela?”

Meanwhile, the more prosaic threats remain legion. They include the obvious: flying planes into buildings (9/11) and blowing up trains (Madrid) and buses (as in London). Equally vulnerable are ports, especially, as Ridgeway details, liquified natural gas tankers.

These come under the heading of what John Robb of Global Guerillas fame calls “systems disruption.” Also included are attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, pipelines and refineries. Equally as devastating is a cyber attack on an electrical grid.

Meanwhile, the hard right stokes fear of terrorists storming across the borders as an excuse to bash immigrants. But that doesn’t mean the danger doesn’t exist. If only a thousandth of each year’s three-quarter million illegal immigrants were Islamic terrorists, that still adds up to a battalion of 750. Many believe that sleeper agents, along with nuclear materials such as suitcase bombs, have already infiltrated the US.

The FBI and, especially, local police forces deserve some credit for the six-year sabbatical terrorists have taken from attacking us on our soil. More likely though, thanks to al-Qaeda’s reputation for making a virtue of patience, we’re in the eye of the storm.

An example of how it may be toying with us was described by Ron Suskind in his book “The One Percent Doctrine.” In 2003, plans to release hydrogen cyanide gas (a staple of Nazi gas chambers) in New York City’s subways was called off by Ayman al-Zawahiri. Apparently the prospect of a body count that might not exceed 9/11’s failed to light his fire.

In other words, the A-man and the Big O dream of a terror extravaganza like a multi-city nuclear attack. Acquiring nuclear know-how and materials requires serious money, though, to which al-Qaeda central may no longer have access.

Bin Laden, for instance, squandered much of his fortune on building projects in Sudan. (Once the heat came down from the US, though, it was: Thanks for the modernization program, Sheikh. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.)

Author Paul Williams (“Osama’s Revenge,” “The Al Qaeda Connection”) maintains al-Qaeda has generated significant cash through drug and blood diamond transactions. However, in 2005, Zawahiri wrote a famous letter to Abu Musab Zarqawi urging him to cool it with the beheadings (bad P.R., you know).

Also, claiming they were short on funds, he hit him up for a donation to the home office. Then, last month, President Bush’s homeland security adviser, Frances Townsend, called bin Laden “virtually impotent.” (One can’t help wonder how she knows.)

Whatever al-Qaeda central’s financial standing, there’s actually no need to raise a king’s ransom to spend on nuclear weapons. After all, attacking the infrastructure is as cheap as it is cost-effective.

In his recent book, “Brave New War,” Robb wrote that 9/11 was a “$250,000 attack. . . converted into an event that cost the United States over $80 billion.” One of bin Laden’s goals, he reminds us, remains “bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy.”

To expedite that, al-Qaeda has gone viral. As has been well-documented, it grants copyright-free use of its brand to knock-off terrorists like the late Zarqawi.

Along with groups advancing other causes, an “almost endless supply of attackers,” writes Robb, “could generate hundreds of millions, potentially billions, in damage.” In tacit agreement with bin Laden, he maintains that the “cumulative effect of these attacks could grind down even the strongest nation-state.”

The administration looks at threats through a telescope, thus magnifying al-Qaeda to the status of a state. Actual nations like Iraq and Iran, meanwhile, are inflated into near superpowers. But al-Qaeda is just a glorified crime syndicate.

Like all such organizations, as countless security experts have testified, it’s more susceptible to good old-fashioned crime busting than the heavy hand of the military. Ideally, local police forces, in collaboration with federal and international crime and intelligence agencies, should lead the way.

Along with urging the FBI to bring local officials into the loop, think-tanker Daniel Byman, writing on Slate, offers other suggestions for shoring up security stateside. Among them, the federal government needs to work harder to win the unequivocal support of American Muslims. (How that can be accomplished while the US continues to foment disruption in many of their homelands he doesn’t say.)

Byman also urges us to improve “perception management.” For example, in order to minimize societal impact, Israel cleans up immediately after a terrorist attack. Yet, from the executive branch to the DHS, the American government elevated our one substantial attack (9/11) to near-Holocaust status.

Robb too would like to see us adopt a “philosophy of resilience” to help us survive terrorist attacks. Because “strikes of the future will be strategic, pinpointing the systems we rely on,” he continues, “they will leave entire sections of the country without energy and communications for protracted periods.”

In other words, when it comes to security, not to mention other services, communities will be left to their own devices. Suburbs will become armed and patrolled by civilian police auxiliaries; the rich by the likes of Blackwater.

Still, he maintains, we don’t need an “activist foreign policy that seeks to rework the world in our image, police state measures to ensure state security, or spending all of our resources on protecting everything.” (Bear in mind that he’s no liberal.)

Rejecting an “activist foreign policy” obviously implies embracing diplomacy. But success isn’t guaranteed the next administration just because it’s more committed than Bush’s to relying on its statesmen (notice how that word has all but vanished from common usage). Is there any way to ensure a cure for the impotence of soft power without turning it hard?

By way of a preface, read what Arthur Silber, one of the Web’s top bloggers, has to say about Congressional Democrats (edited for conciseness). They “fail to mount serious opposition to our inevitable course toward widening war and an attack on Iran, not because they are afraid of being portrayed as ‘weak’ in the fight against terrorism. They don’t object because — they don’t object.

“That is: they agree that we have the ‘right’ to pursue a policy of aggressive interventionism supported by an empire of military bases.”

In other words, for all of Bush & Co.’s rapaciousness, not just congressional Democrats but, deep-down, most of us concur that, if we’re running out of oil, it’s our right, simply by dint of our might, to take what we need.

If it weren’t for all those pesky jihadis, mujahideen, global guerillas, terrorists — call them what you will — conspiring to topple us with everything from the slings of systems disruption to the arrows of nuclear missiles.

Attempting to secure our shores from them is like trying to defend the indefensible — literally. And metaphorically, as well, when we cling to the myth that we’re manifestly destined to determine the fates of other nations. Our military might, 700 bases around the world and nuclear capability have outlived whatever their usefulness they had.

The US has become like Russia — our once-and- (the way things are going) future enemy. We’re a lumbering mastodon, which the cave people of the world lure into traps, like Iraq, where we thrash around and lash out blindly. It could all have turned out differently if we hadn’t been stomping around their territory ravishing their resources.

In short, the US needs to take the “super” out of “superpower.” We might be surprised to find that a country could get used to life without the pressure of being number one.

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  1. Like so many empires before it, the USA is its own worst enemy. A contraction will come, whether policy change or out-right collapse, contraction will come.

  2. There really isn’t anybody out there with a comprehensive offering, is there?

    If I take the progressive view – that we’re creating our own nightmares – who really is standing up and making the policy that calls for happen? As you say, the Dem leadership seems not to care.

    If I take the neo-con hardline, I might be happy with the march to war, but you can’t fight wars without strong, smart leadership, and Dubya has to be the dumbest commander-in-chief in history.

    So in a nutshell, we have bad policy being executed by idiots.

    And not much hope in sight. Kinda makes me think I need to stock up on rations and ammo….

  3. Some would direct you to Ron Paul (not me, though, being the non-voter I am). He would be that choice for foreign policy and security (probably not so much the domestic policy) unless you like to have a sense of a chance in hell of voting for a winner.

    “So in a nutshell, we have bad policy being executed by idiots.”

    That is a good line.

  4. Vote Ron Paul.

    Bashing immigrants? They’re not immigrants if they come in illegally. They’re correctly called illegal aliens and many of these illegal aliens want: Aztlan/Anahuac.

    Check out the web sites of: La Voz de Aztlan, Mexica Movement, MEChA (motto is: For the Race, everything, for those outside the Race, nothing), La Raza (means the Race), MAPA, LULAC, MALDEF, the Brown Berets, Professor Armando Navarro, etc. along with the Plan de San Diego.

    I suspect this Aztlan is to be piggy backed onto to the plan to form the NAU (NORTH AMERICAN UNION)-the plan to merge: Canada, the U.S. and Canada.

    Besides WIDE-OPEN Borders and the “War on Terror” doesn’t make sense, does it?

  5. We are becoming more hated in the world with each passing day, all thanks to the BushReich.

  6. There are only 2 types of people.
    1. them(the elite) includes the gov of most of the countries that have any power.
    2. us(sheeple) we are only cannon fodder.

    When we say it is either this side or that side, we are playing their game. As long as we continue to play their game they will continue to spoon feed us things to keep us occupied.

  7. Articles like this perpetuate the big lie that Arabs were behind the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. We know now that “Arabs” did NOT commit the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks against the USA, although we are supposed to think they did. We know now that the Zionists were behind those attacks, just as they were behind almost all the terrorist attacks before and since. The true enemy of all peace loving people of the world are the Talmudists who wrote the “Protocols of Zion(ism)”, which are derived from Talmudic ideology. I highly recommend Jackie Patru’s divinely inspired “” website for more information about the Truth. Her ebook about how Zionists use Jewish persecution as a tool for enslaving the world is brilliant, as is the rest of her website. As someone with a Jewish mother, I feel obligated to expose the Zionists and explain their Talmudic roots to others, so that Jewish people don’t get blamed again. The evil people behind Zionism are Talmudists decended from the Pharisee, and Christ warned us about them repeatedly. ~PEACE~

  8. The Pharisee were infiltrated greatly by the descendants of Esau. The Maccabees(John Hyrcanus) caused some of them to be converted to Judaism. King Herod was an Edomite Jew. The leadership of the Arabs and Jews are the same people, they descended from Esau.

  9. Vote Ron Paul if you do not want to see Black water in your neighborhood
    if he should win will he be blocked by a dictator

  10. Whoa! We’re starting to get into Zionism, anti-Semitism, and badly informed ancient history, here. I HOPE the last two posts were tongue-in-cheek, but I fear they weren’t. I’m not going to respond to either, because neither deserves a response. Assuming they’re serious, you might as well argue the virtues of poverty with Donald Trump.

    To the original blog entry:

    Strategically and tactically, it’s not prudent to be an immobile target. When faced with the probability of attack, the best course is to attack first. It’s like being in an imminent fist fight. You’re a fool to let the other guy throw the first punch (and BOY, was I a fool growing up or what?)

    The problem with this “war,” if you want to call it that, is that it’s easy to say we should go on the attack, but hard to find out whom to attack without increasing the number of people who want to attack us. Some things are obvious. Clearly, the Taliban was providing a haven for Al Qaeda. When governments provide havens for those who would attack us, it’s clearly an act of war. Taking out the Taliban was a necessity. My only hesitation at the time stemmed from worries over being able to supply US troops through Pakistan.

    Once you’ve done the obvious, though, things get a lot more difficult. For instance, what about those governments who have no intention of harboring guerrillas, but are not in complete control of their own police and military forces, who ARE harboring them? And what about governments that are really going after guerrillas (like Egypt) and have had some success, but are not completely successful?

    I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating. Guerrillas are generally defeated by infiltration. Once no one in the organization can trust anyone else, the organization falls apart. Just ask the IRA. In the long run, it is intelligence services that will win or lose against the guerrillas when it comes to a fight.

  11. I wondered how long it would be before the spectre of a Jewish based organisation out to cause great evil in this world would raise its ugly and ill-informed head.

  12. DHS, just like Blackwater, Haliburton, Carlyle, Bechtel, KBR, Lockheed, Boeing, ATT, Enron, and every other “Bush Pioneer” Hog at the trough are doing exactly what they’d always planned to do. Raid the Treasury. They’ve stolen every single citizens Social Security nest egg, theyve hijacked all the 401K’s and mortgages, they’ve sold off every highway, bridge, port, dock, and city in the whole country. They’ve used all these agencies to smuggle in tons of drugs. When they get caught, they fix the juries or kill the judge. Meanwhile us sheeple get tasered for protesting this facism and thrown in jail for 25 years for having an ounce of weed. We have 2.5 million people in jail in a population of 300 million, which beats both Russia and China combined which have a combined population 4X larger. China alone has 1.4 billion people. And people say we are moving towards facism. Baby…we are already there.

  13. It is singularly comforting to note that at least a percentage of America see what’s happening in the real world. I don’t have a problem with fighting terrorism, and I didnt have a problem with the first gulf war in the wake of the invasion of Kuwait, (just amazed we didnt push to take Saddam out the first time) and I will be the first to stand up and say I am seriously politically unaware…BUT…When Iraq was attacked in the wake of 9/11, I just had to ask, why? It didnt really make any sense to me. It was too simplistic. Like: we’ve been attacked by bad guys, lets go and attack some bad guys…but theyre different bad guys Mr President…who cares? theyre all the same. The West cannot go around making enemies of the innocents in these places, cos they will be ripe for turning, and they will turn, and bite us all in the ass.
    I come from the UK, and to find terrorists willing to blow the London Tube all to hell, who had grown up 5 miles from where I used to live was profoundly disturbing. I dont know the answer, but it sure as hell isnt to sell them big guns then piss them off!

  14. Kevmoore:

    “I come from the UK, and to find terrorists willing to blow the London Tube all to hell, who had grown up 5 miles from where I used to live was profoundly disturbing”

    I shouldn’t wonder!

  15. We should be chasing Osama instead of Sadaam, you say. You mean that guy who was last reported dying of kidney falure in a M East hospital, then nipped off to a cave in Afghan, to shut down the half trillion dollar US air defenses with his laptop. Yeah right.

  16. Forget about chasing Osama, Saddam, etc. The only people that really are being chased or fleeced are we the sheeple.

  17. I find it disturbing that most people here actually believe the lie that Arabs from Al Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11 or 7/7 in the UK… The Talmudists who currently call themselves Jews (they used to call themselves Pharisee) have been behind almost all the wars, terrorist attacks and assassinations throughout history – currently we call them Zionists. The Communist revolution in the USSR was totally conducted by the Zionists, and of the original approximately 380 boshevik “comisars” of the communist party (the leaders) 300 were jewish with 265 of those coming from the USA. Yes that’s right – the communist revolution in the USSR was totally controlled by jews from the USA! They then proceeded to kill tens of millions of innocent Christians, some historians think it was 50-100 MILLION innocent people killed by the jewish bolsheviks, yet all we here about is a jewish holohoax in Europe that never happened to the extent they claim. Even if it did happen, th jews killed ten times as many christians in the USSR. The jews have no claim on Israel, as their decendents never touched that land – they are decended from the Khazars. The illegal Zionist state of Israel attacked the USA in 1967 when they tried to sink the Liberty and kill everyone onboard – that was an act of war we all know about, but nobody seems to care. We should have invaded Israel and disarmed them at that time, and we still need to do it before its too late. They plan to enslave the whole world, as they tell us in the Protocols of Zionism. One of the best sources for this factual information backed-up by historic documents is Jackie Patru’s website at website. WAKE-UP people! Arabs and “Al Qaeda” (a CIA creation) had nothing to do with 9/11/01 false-flag terrorist attacks, so quit pretending that lie is true or you WILL become victims of the Talmudist Zionist scum who have always waged genocidal war against all us “goyim” (non-jews) and “lesser-brethen” (jews who are not Talmudists). They get us all to kill each other while they sit-back and profit off of it and laugh at us for being so stupid… The ONLY thing that can save us is to know the Truth. Sadly most people seem to want to believe all the lies that have been exposed repeatedly rather than reading about the truth on websites like Jackie Patru’s ~PEACE~

  18. David Currie;

    I’m surprised that you’re disturbed when we don’t believe the things you believe. You’d think that would be obvious because, after all, the people who post here are generally … what’s the word I’m looking for … “smart”? Nah. That”s not it. “Well-educated?” Mmm. Kind of goes with smart and it’s close but …. OH … I know! … the word is “sane.”

  19. Why is there a need to put someone down for their opinion? If you are speaking the TRUTH, then you are speaking from strength. If someones opinion is wrong then give them the facts without resorting to name calling etc. It helps to educate someone if you are instructing them and not belittling them. I was with the Messianic movement over 20 years ago and these people that call themselves “Jews” are descended from the Khazars, Edomites(and assorted pagans) and possibly the tribe of Dan. If I need correcting then please do it without belittling me, that just takes away from your argument.

  20. To the person who wrote a comment on “vote for Ron Pauls” and “illegal aliens”.

    I am sorry, there are no “aliens”, legal or otherwise. Just human beings. Yes some are criminal, but most not.

    If you want to tout that illegal stuff, Sitting Bull and Geronimo both spoke their peace on what they think of “immigrants” and the white man, as the Europeans stole their lands.

    In short, most people in North America are here due to conquest of the red man.

    Remember Waco and Oklahoma and 9/11 were not due to ‘Illegal Aliens”. Two of the tragedies were by Americans and the last one mostly Saudis who were here legally.

    As for Ron Paul, I understand Storm Front Radio, a white supremacy organization, or a bunch of racists, endorsed him.

    I don’t need to add to this.

  21. Stu:

    It isn’t useful to use facts and logic for some people. I can’t convince you that the world is spherical if you’re determined to believe that the world is flat.

    But, what the hey, let’s just take the Jews, shall we?

    No one knows where the original nation of Israel came from (Exodus isn’t trustworthy), but the first possible mention of it is on a stela erected by Merneptah circa 1200 BCE or so. One very likely explanation is that the word “Hebrew” comes from variations of both the Egyptian ‘Apiru and the Hittite (actually Neshili) Hapiru. Both words meant “stateless wanderers,” which would dovetail nicely with the oral history of Exodus that talks about wandering in the wilderness.

    With the coming of the Sea People, historical records become spotty. The Bible says that the Hebrews fought the Philistines and, in fact, there was a tribe the Egyptians called the “Peleset” who settled in Gaza. The remains of their culture can be found in the archeological digs in Ashkelon. They also fought the Amorites, which is probably Egyptian “Amurru” along the Lebanese coast, south of modern Ras Shamra.

    The Israelites were certainly in Judea and the modern Jezreel Valley when the neo-Assyrians invaded in the 8th centure BCE, and they were there when the Babylonians conquered them shortly thereafter, and they were there when the Persians reinstated them, when Alexander came through, when the Macedonian kingdom split up, and when the Romans took possession. All these events show up in both bibical and non-biblical sources.

    The Kazars are from central Asia and did, in fact, convert to Judaism around 700 years or so after the Temple was burned. There are, indeed, some people who feel that Ashkenazic Jews are descendents of Kazars (not that it matters), but there isn’t a shred of credible evidence. There is, however, an extraordinary amount of evidence that Jews were in Alexandria, Rome, Antioch, Gaul, Britain, and throughout the Roman Empire long before the Kazars converted.

    I didn’t take all that time for your benefit, Stu, because you’ve decided what you want to believe and nothing is going to change your mind. I just thought some other readers might be interested.

  22. man there is no defense against one truely determined man/woman willing to die for their beliefs.we should leave iraq to its own people and afghanistan.we have become paraihs in the muslim world due to our continued support of isreal and their extremre policy concerning palistien.

  23. Amazing. When I read the original article, I thought it was discussing the poor implementation of idiotic policy by those that are motivated by greed.
    But then the discussion morphs into debate regarding what group did what to the other group …. 2-3,000 years ago.
    Read that again … you are arguing over what happened 2-3,000 YEARS AGO.
    Get back to the original point. We the Sheeple need to find a way to get our own government, our homeland bretheren, to listen to the will of the sheeple.
    One comment from above is totally true, we send an Anglo-Saxon 8th generation American to prison for an ounce of pot, but are afraid to ask someone of dark complexion if they have a green card, because it may lead to a lawsuit. Where are our priorities?
    While the arm-chair historians are arguing about ancient history, there is a minority of legal, USA loving Americans that see us losing the war on terror and seeing our borders erased.
    I too am stocking up on on dry goods and ammo. Die standing up. If I can’t come up with an ounce of pot, I guess I’ll have to settle for a couple cases of my favorite whisky. You dam well better know the password if you come to my house.
    A 9 round semi-automatic full choke short barrel 12 GA shotgun is indeed a work of art.
    The arm-chair historians can’t see the train that is about to run their ass over … because their noses are buried in yesterday, instead of their eyes on today.

  24. But Mark, according to my Mother, I’m a 16th generation Virginian. That makes you a @#$%$!immigrant. How DARE you think you have as much right to American soil as I do. How DARE YOU!

    I hate it when immigrants like you get a free ride on the sweat of MY ancestors!

    As for barricading yourself with a shotgun, I think I’d like to see that up against an M1A2.

    Think you could arrange that?

  25. Mr/Ms O’Brien,
    Since you have a non-native American name (hint: O’Brien), you too are an immigrant. I’ll bet your family tree can can be traced as legally landing on this mass of land. Just like my grandfather Giovanni Paolini, through Ellis Island from Italy, legally.
    And since you are 16th generation, you too were, indirectly, part of the annihilation of a peaceful (for the most part, “they” had no aspirations to dominate the world) civilization of natives. Don’t take the “greater than thou” approach.
    Instead of thinking about your semi-automatic rifle being better than my shotgun (each have their place); how about you and I consider standing side by side as Americans?
    I’ve got whisky, you’ve got pot. What you miss at long range with your M1, I’ll cover the short range targets with my artwork shotgun.

  26. Mark:

    You’re missing the point. One of my English ancestors was recorded just west of Jamestown in 1622. The Irish one was in Georgia in 1734. I don’t believe there was any question of “legality” then, and if they broke Amerind laws or custom, they didn’t care.

    I am Northern European. You are Southern European from one of the mud races that live in that area of the world. Your ancestors came to America because they were too stupid and/or lazy to compete in the Old Country and needed a handout and directions on how to use indoor plumbing from good, hard-working Americans like my ancestors.. My ancestors came here to MAKE something of themselves.

    Eye-talians are from the same mud genes as them Mehican immigrants, today. In fact, I’d say you wops, with your godfathering and protection rackets and drug trade are far worse. It’s just genetic inferiority. Quick. Why do Italian tanks have rearview mirrors? So that they can see the battle!


    Heck, you EYE-talians couldn’t take tanks and beat a bunch of spear chuckin’ Ethiopians during WWII. That’s how degenerate your race has become.

    In fact, you’re so genetically inferior that you don’t even know that an M1A2 is an Abrams TANK!!!

    Go home where you belong. You and your mafioso family and buddies don’t belong here with good, God-fearin’ ‘Mericans like my family.

  27. The last few comments are unbeliebable! If most people think like that we are all doomed. Divide and conquer is their motto, and getting us all killing each other is their plan. Who are “they”? “They” are the people who control the money, the media, medicine, the law, and of course our government. They are only 2-3% of the population, yet they dominate the most important parts of our society – doesn’t anyone have a problem with that? The head of Homeland Security is a hardcore Zionist, as is our new Attorney General. EVERY chairman of the Federal Reserve has been Jewish! My mother is Jewish – I’m not an “anti-semetic” person, although I am anti-jewish/zionist. I have high reguard for the Arab and Palestinian people though, and they are the true Semetic people. As for the Bible – it was written by the Pharisee and scribes (lawyers), as was the Koran. Every religion is their creation. Jesus Christ came to free us from ALL religions. After he died the Pharisee made a religion called “Christianity” using his life as its basis, which is totally against what he taught. Jesus was NOT a “jew” – that world wasn’t even used back then. I don’t believe in any religion, but I do believe Christ was a profit who taught God’s truth. The website is one of the best sources of truthful historical information I’ve found. Unfortunatly most people do not want to know the truth – they feel more comfortable believing the lies they are fed by the media and education (brainwashing). The world is in a seemingly hopeless mess, but people are waking-up to the truth all over the world. The jewish religion is truly the “Synagogue of Satan” and it’s purpose is world domination and enslavement. Judaism is their law religionized enforced by their “Sanhedrin”. The USSR was an example of jewish rule, and that’s what we are going to get in the USA if we don’t do something about it. The concentration camps are already built and staffed with foreign soldiers. They have over 100,000 railroad cars with shackles dispursed all over the country to serve the concentration camps. I live in Portland where Gunderson built the railroad cars with shackles for them. The Jewish Bolsheviks killed over 50,000,000 innocent people in the former Soviet Union, mostly Christians – THAT is what we have to look forward to if we allow them to control our country.

  28. Yeah, I find the one silver lining of being a mud person is that we have a well-developed sense of irony.

  29. Ms. O’Brien,
    I mentioned one ancestor from Italy. I also have documentation of the “other” side of the family, Knechel (norhern Euprope in case you don’t recognize the spelling) that fought in the Revolutionary war.
    If M1’s were always 100% accurate at long range, we wouldn’t need foot soldiers with shotguns (a current weapon of choice in Iraq).
    Your last response eloquently illustrated the round-about point I was trying to make.
    again, “When I read the original article, I thought it was discussing the poor implementation of idiotic policy by those that are motivated by greed. ……. Get back to the original point. We the Sheeple need to find a way to get our own government, our homeland bretheren, to listen to the will of the sheeple.”

    We the Sheeple need to learn to stand NEXT to each other and stop the racial “I’m a better American than you are” bullshit.
    Because so many of the sheeple choose not to admit what they see what is happening, we’re going to lose.

    David, I too live in Portland. I know where the
    Gunderson yard is and what has/is being built.

    Ms. O’Brien … light up another bowl and read this for fun.

  30. Speaking of lighting-up another bowl: doesn’t that insane law say it all about our government? They made the most useful plant on the planet illegal by saying it was a dangerous drug, even though it’s a safe, non-toxic herbal medicine. They say it has no medical use when in fact it was the most recommended medicine by doctors before it was banned. There were literally hundreds of different packagings for medicinal cannabis products sold in every city in our country, but the government now claims it has no medical use?! Plus cannabis hemp could provide for almost every need we have for food, fibre, etc. It’s all about money of course, and the petro-chemical cartels (and timber, etc.) don’t want cannabis available so they can force their toxic, destructive products on us. Getting back to the subject at hand, I’m optimistic despite how bad it looks. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and the over-reaching and arrogant Bushco administration is generating a backlash that may turn things around. The most important thing we need to do IMHO is get rid of the Federal Reserve banksters once and for all. We need to get control of our banking system first, because he who controls the money controls everything. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has made this the main issue of his campaign, plus he wants to do a lot of other things I agree with. It seems hopeless that he will be “allowed” to win considering they make most of us use rigged electronic voting machines, but you never know. After getting control of our money, then we can do all the other things that need to be done, including trying the war criminals who lied us into these wars, but we have to get control of our money first. The TEN TRILLION dollar debt our country incured with the banksters is illegal, so it will be null and void. The most important thing though is Truth: we need to educate ourselves about who are REAL enemy is, otherwise how can we fight him? I don’t believe in violence, but the second amendment was put there to protect the first. Fighting each other is exactly what they want, and they are happy to sell us the guns to kill each other with if that’s what we want to do. I suggest becoming enlightened to the Truth by using the internet, which has the Truth available for all inquiring minds. Websites like Jackie Patru’s and many others contain a huge amount of inspiring truthful information. To me reading about true history is the most fascinating subject, because what I learned was all disinformation and lies. That’s how they control us of course – the history books are rewritten each year depending on what they have planned for the future. “He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past”. That is very true, except the internet has taken away their ability to control the past and they are desprately trying to censor it, so get some truth while it’s still available because it might disappear soon.