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Blackwater completes the trifecta – a navy now in the offing…

nauticusbw.jpg Even though they’re being expelled from Iraq, Blackwater, the North Carolina based private dominionist military force security company, is adding a navy to its already burgeoning army and its nascent air force. An invitation only open-house for friends of Erik Prince’s private military will be held September 19 and 20 in Norfolk, VA, where the ship is on display.

And why does Blackwater, already operating military bases in a number of states and buying planes from a Brazilian company for its own air force, need a navy?

According to a press release issued by Nauticus, Blackwater’s maritime division will operate vessels suitable for training, disaster response, law enforcement, surveillance and security, including anti-terrorism and anti-piracy activities. (italics mine)

The ship, named the McArthur (possibly a misspelling of MacArthur, the sort of general who’d be a hero to a guy like Prince), has been fitted out for duties one would normally expect of a Coast Guard vessel:

According to the Nauticus press release, the McArthur is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems, command and control labs, medical capabilities and a helicopter deck.

Given the experience that those in Louisiana had with Blackwater after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the emphasis the Bush administration has placed on enforcing citizen compliance with its imposition of martial law, who knows what might be next on the horizon for a large private military force allied to an unpopular President and a country seemingly being turned into a police state? Prince, Bush’s friend and near fanatical supporter who has profited mightily from the administration’s military services contracts, would likely put his entire force at The Decider’s service – should the need arise.

One can’t help but think of the famous lantern warning signal sent to Paul Revere and his fellow riders: “One if by land, two if by sea.” Blackwater now calls for a third lantern. Would that those lanterns could shine some light on what Prince and his allies have in mind for their well armed, wide ranging force. Now that the government is engaged in full scale spying on citizens and can relay that information to Blackwater’s well equipped ships, planes, helicopters, and troops employees, we may find out. And we may not like it.

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  1. Will you be starting up an office “coup d’etat pool”? Geez, they can’t even buy American planes.

  2. The ship is named for Lt. William P. McArthur, who conducted the first hydrographic survey of the Pacific coast of the United States in 1848. That was the name used when the ship was in service as a NOAA research vessel (replaced in 2003 by McArthur II).

    I managed to spot the ship via her AIS transceiver when she left Seattle in May.

    It sure is an interesting coincidence that the ex NOAA research vessel ended up being bought by Blackwater. Of course there is no evidence that I’ve seen to suggest that the sale was anything other than open and legitimate. Our dear old US government certainly must have sold the surplus ship to the highest bidder, without any cronyism.