Iraqi government pulls Blackwater’s license…for now, anyway…now, what to do with all that firepower…?

hessian.jpg The Iraqi “government” (well, that’s what the Bush administration calls it, but then they call themselves a government, too, so there we are) has expelled Blackwater Security from its job to commit legalized mayhem provide security services in Iraq. Citing the killing of 8 civilians and the wounding of 13 others in a shootout during a State Department convoy yesterday,an Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman announced today that Blackwater must go bye bye – for now, anyway.

So. Is Blackwater out in Iraq?

It would seem so for now. But Blackwater’s owner, Erik Prince, is a great and good friend of George W. Bush, so while Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has promised the Iraqi “government” ( see previous note for use of quotation marks) that the investigation into the incident will be “fair and transparent” (hahahaha – sorry, couldn’t help myself) and that Blackwater, which has a long record of troubling behavior both in Iraq and at home will be held accountable if they’re found at fault.

If. That’s a big word for an administration that won’t take responsibility for the behavior of its Justice Department or the Vice-President.

And with Blackwater having provided much of the security for administration officials in Iraq, and with huge no-bid contracts to be fulfilled, one has to wonder what tasks Our Dear Leader The Decider can come up with for a private army that even is developing its own air force.

Well, it’s hurricane season. And since the administration has decided that Jesus wants us all to submit to Caesar’s our government’s authority in time of crisis, perhaps Blackwater’s gun happy mercenaries employees won’t stay idle very long.

Update: Rep. Henry Waxman has promised to hold hearings on Blackwater’s activities in Iraq.

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  1. You know it’s bad when you have to have so many links embedded in your post just to get across the full absurdity of it all. I was thinking the same thing when I saw this news this morning. How long with this actually stick? You know Blackwater is doing a bad job when Iraq would rather have them expelled and deal with having less security at a time like this.

  2. I have precious little hope that any real action will be taken on the Blackwater front by this administration, regardless of what the Iraqis think or want. I mean, if their opinions counted there wouldn’t be ANY American operations in their country.

    However, it’s VERY good news that this story is getting some play, because most Americans up until now likely had no idea that Blackwater existed or that there was a problem with it. So throw a little light on the rats, right?

    What would be really interesting would be if we got our troops “redeployed” but left Blackwater there…..

  3. The only thing I see coming from this, Mike, is trouble. Bush has allowed Prince to create an army (think about that word) of killers loyal to Prince – who’s loyal to Bush. And now they’re being sent home. And Bush has the power to declare martial law.

    All we need is a “national emergency.” And guess who gets to decide what a “national emergency” is….

  4. It’s just a speed bump for Blackwater. As my Green Beret nephew was just telling me the other day, the future is private security concerns for the rich stateside, with gated communities even more so.

    The US, not Iran, is the future for Blackwater.

  5. If I were the Iraqi government, I’d convene to address this single issue – stripping away the immunities granted to contractors by the Coalition Provision Authority Order 17 and evicting Blackwater.

    If the Iraqi government can’t do this one thing, we know it’s as useless as most people (and pretty much all Iraqis) think it is, and it’s time to replace it – again. But if it can, then Bush will be forced to deal with a government that has realized it truly is sovereign and either overthrow it in full view of the rest of the world or back down.

    Seems like a win-win to me.