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Nanotech roundup

Nanotech is an enabling technology rather than a technology itself. And today, I’ve written up anoter Nanotech Roundup of interesting news and examples of how nanotech will change how the world works.

In this issue of the roundup: nano-particles of silver and carbon nanotubes are being used as antibiotic materials, new metal oxide nanotubes could be better for electronics than carbon nanotubes, highly energy efficient nanotech-enabled coatings, single-molecule switches and progress on the basic science leading to atomic-scale data storage, and ultra-fast curing cement.

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  1. One of the great interesting thing about nanotech antibiotics is that they rely on the laws of physics for their properties, not biological/chemical properties. So it’s a LOT harder (but probably not impossible) for bacteria to develop resistance.

    Unfortunately, sometimes human cells respond the same way that bacteria do – by dying. Which is why research into toxicity is absolutely necessary.

  2. Thanks, Brian. Seeing the link between this enabling tech and so many problems … perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope on climate change.

    Now, funding? Hmmm …