Debunking more global heating denier myths – the second major update complete

A month ago, I completed a significant update to the anti-global heating denier myths post I did in July. I’ve just completed the second major update to that post, adding many images and adding two new debunked myths.

  • I added images cut out of referenced papers and from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report to Myths #4, 8, 10, and 13.
  • Myth #19 was added. It is a detailed discussion by way of analogy to electrical engineering (my actual profession) of why climate scientists can make valid climate predictions without perfect models and without being able to use those models to predict the weather.
  • Myth #20 was added as a response to a direct request from someone in the comments. It debunks the erroneous news that volcanic eruptions emit more CO2 than human beings do.


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