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Saturday Video Roundup: things that make you go “damn”

In this week’s Saturday Video Roundup, a Labor Day Weekend tribute to excellence and innovation in music. First up, courtesy of Founding Scrogue Mike Sheehan, is Klaus Nomi, a unique performer if there ever was one. Voice of a mad castrati, visage from a Dadaist nightmare. He was among the first entertainers to die as a result of AIDS, in 1983. You can purchase his work through Rush Limbaugh’s website. No, seriously.

Next, thanks to our buddy Mike Smith (a great musician in his own right, by the way) for pointing us toward guitarist Andy Mckee. I mean, just, damn. He didn’t invent the two-handed tapping technique, but if you’d like to argue that he’s perfected it, well, here’s some evidence you can use in building the case.

(If you liked this, there’s more of Mckee’s wizardry here.)

Which reminds us of Jake Shimabukuro – you may have seen it, but if not, here’s another stunning musical moment for your iPod.

Hope you enjoyed it, and keep those suggestions coming. Because the more work you do finding this stuff for us, the more time we have for watching football.

Have a good Labor Day, everybody.

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