It’s the end of the world, apparently


  • “If you want to see hate, urged violence, bigotry, racism, and intolerance in general, and anti-American speech, this is the event.”
  • “[It’s] bigger than any KKK, Nazi, or Muslim terrorist gathering … that has ever occurred…”
  • “If we ignore these growing, this growing radical segment of our society, they could and likely will become a force of hatred, intolerance, and bigotry that helps one of their supporters seize the White House in 2008. And may God have mercy upon us if that happens.”

HOLY SHIT! It’s the scariest pack of baby-sacrificing, blood-sucking, Osama bin Hitler-worshipping freedom-haters in HISTORY. Jews! Queers! Negroes! RUN! RUN, I say! It’s … it’s … ummmm … Yearly Kos?


Our friend JohnE is on it over at Square State. By all means, drop by to see how YOU can help prevent the end of the world.

UPDATE: Oh, now it’s getting good. JohnE is piling on even more and now he’s after Gunny Bob’s advertisers. This is getting good.

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