Saturday Video Roundup, Tuesday Special Edition: breaking developments in Miss Teen SC case

The hottest thing on the Internets right now is the video of Miss Teen South Carolina trying, unsuccessfully, to answer a painfully simple question. In this SVR Special Report, we look at new developments in this breaking story.

First, for those of you who had trouble following Miss Upton’s answer, here’s a subtitled version, which adds a whole new layer of texture and nuance.

Next, Miss Teen West Carolina fires back with an important comment about our global map shortage.

Finally, Caitlin appeared on the Today Show this morning with Matt Lauer and Ann Curry (who aren’t nearly smart enough to be Miss Teen South Carolina, judging from the “interview”). At the conclusion of the segment she announced that this fall she’ll be matriculating (my word, not hers) at Appalachian State University, which as we all know is HOT HOT HOT!

We return you now to your regularly scheduled blogging…

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  1. It’s sad day for me and my fellow ASU alum. I hang my head in sorrow. If we can save just one student [Miss Teen SC for example], it would all be worth it and we could move forward. I’m going to the ortho clinic now to schedule my surgery!

  2. The geniuses that put that video together didn’t do you any favors, did they.

    I’d be more charitable if your fellow Mountaineers hadn’t made so much fun of us when you beat us in football that time back in the ’80s….