VIP Clinton backers want a white VP, apparently

Our pal Bob Novak writes in his latest newsletter that “important supporters” of Sen. Hillary Clinton—without naming any of them—”are laying the groundwork for a campaign against Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for Vice President on grounds that he adds nothing to the ticket.”

Novak lists “prominent names” that are favored for Clinton: Mark Warner, Evan Bayh and Ted Strickland… three very white guys who—c’mon, let’s be serious—add nothing to the ticket. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for Hillary to squander the opportunity of partnering with the popular Obama, it suggests to me that her “important supporters” are not so much ignorant and prejudiced as they are aware that Obama would likely turn down the invitation anyway. I think this would indicate that Obama believes he can win the nomination outright (a remote possibility since the core of old-money Dems are all Clintonites), or he’s saving himself for an Al Gore ticket, which is the only one that could defeat Clinton at this point. And Gore-Obama would steamroll whoever the GOP nominates.

All this speculation, of course, is predicated on the notion that Novak is not manufacturing bullshit.

That aside, the conservative columnist once again toots the horn of a GOP favorite by saying, “If there was any doubt, it’s gone now: Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy after Labor Day.” Novak notes that Thompson will be hosting a “coming out party.” Is America ready, I wonder?

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  1. Mike wrote: “All this speculation, of course, is predicated on the notion that Novak is not manufacturing bullshit.”

    You bad man. You made soda fly out Jim’s nose. Bad, bad man.

    Boy, howdy, I wonder how the Republicans will work out the party plank on gay marriage when Fred Thompson does come out…. 😉

  2. Hillary’s candidacy may be unstoppable, no matter how anemic her choice of vice president. But the momentum is taking Democrats over a cliff.

    Recall the speculation that Karl Rove’s parting shots at her last week are part of a program to get Democrats to rally around her and nominate her. They’re convinced she’s easier to beat than Edwards or Obama.

    Romney, whose candidacy is also starting to assume an air of inevitability despite his low poll numbers, could conceivably beat her.
    But mark my words, if Huckaby sneaks in there — or even runs as vice-president with Romney — Hillary is eminently beatable.

    I’m ashamed to say, I almost hope that comes to pass. The maybe Democratic leadership will finally learn the lesson that next time they’ve got to back a candidate with a heart.

  3. Why does anyone listen to what Bob Novak has to say? He’s the DC Gossip Queen who only repeats talking points from the Republican Party. The man’s word cannot be trusted.

  4. Do I need an avatar to post?

    To the point, I just find Bob Novak as an irresponsible source for news. While he may provide some food for thought, the man can’t be relied upon.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I read S&R daily, but I never post. I just wanted to add a little humor and other contextual information to the debate.

  6. Valerie, When I said you need an avatar to post, I was joking about wanting to see the real VP’s pretty face.