Saturday Video Roundup: crank dat Bear Force

And thanks for joining us for yet another edition of Saturday Video Roundup. Let’s start by putting down the popcorn, grabbing a partner, and diving into America’s latest dance craze.

(Alternate white girls version here.) Yeah, I don’t know, either, but it’s no worse than the Macarena.

Next, as long as we’re doing the song and dance thing, staff cartoonist Nick Langewis recommends Bear Force 1 for your viewing enjoyment.

And we wrap up today’s show with a band that recently wowed the crowd at Red Rocks.

That’s all for this week, folks. Check back next Saturday for another edition of Claw Your Eyeballs Out Theater….

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  1. There’s going to be a super-hot nude of the lead singer in the next Estonian Grizzly, so I hear.