ACLU obtains more info on Iraq prison abuse “cover-up”

The American Civil Liberties Union has issued a press release in which it says it has obtained new details of a possible cover-up of prisoner abuse in Iraq.

Documents “suggest that senior military officials failed to act promptly on reports of abuse of prisoners held by U.S. Forces in Iraq,” the release states, adding that an Army investigator found conditions for Abu Ghraib prisoners in isolation were tantamount to torture.

“These documents make clear that prisoners were abused in U.S. custody in locations other than Abu Ghraib in Iraq” said an ACLU attorney, per the press release. “Rather than putting a stop to these abuses, however, senior officials appear to have turned a blind eye to them.”

Since the allegations of torture at first came to light in 2004, the ACLU has played a key role in helping to unveil the US military’s harsh treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

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