Nota Bene #4

It’s been a while, so we’ve got a lot to pack in from recent weeks. Linkward ho!

Norman Mailer on what makes old age powerful, and how he’s never gotten over the death of Hemingway … The late David Halberstam’s final article for Vanity Fair is a shotgun blast to the face of the Bush administration … Mary Spicuzza at SF Weekly on how the US military is promising citizenship to immigrants who enlist … Radar highlights an old US military-issued pamphlet that “shows that America has been lost in Iraq since World War II” … Needlenose forecasts that supplies of some minerals crucial to high-tech industries will be exhausted within a few generations … Jon Lovitz apparently beat the hell out of Andy Dick … Behold Iapetus, Saturn’s walnut-shaped moon … Writer Charles Stross envisions “a future in which all human experience is recorded on devices the size of a grain of sand” … Rare (colorized) photographs from a bloody World War I battle … Violinist Nigel Kennedy won’t perform in Israel; “I would think that the world learned something from South Africa” … NASA is working on an archive of first-generation digital scans of all the photos that Apollo astronauts took … Via Greatscat, here’s the entire recent Democratic debate sponsored by the AFL-CIO; at the very least watch Part 6 … The Economist says that conservatism is “in the dumps” … China’s Yangtze river dolphin has reportedly gone extinct … Garrison Keillor is wondering who’s in charge of the Minnesota bridge debacle … And finally: Brad Friedman is full of shit, so says a Diebold distributor.

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  1. David Halberstam’s last piece for Vanity Fair is an absolute “MUST
    READ” item. Thank you for sharing that with us. David will be missed.

  2. Thanks for the link to the colorized World War I photos. They really help me understand what that nightmare was like.

    Read Halberstam’s article when it came out. What an awesome note to go out on.

    Dick is too troubled for me to enjoy his comeuppance. He’s in a downward spiral like Chris Farley.

    Had never heard that story about him helping to break Phil Hartmann’s wife’s drug sobriety before. Phil’s murder was one of those public deaths you never quite get over.

  3. Mailer is a jerk most of the time, but he’s a great writer. Loved his comments on writing and on Hemingway. If there’s anything writers worry about, it’s using ourselves – and everyone we know – up. And the shotgun’s always so handy….

    But, hell, if he can stand himself after all these years, we all can…. 😉

  4. There are some who think Nigel Kennedy should stick to music, but somebody’s got to speak out and he’s just the guy to do it ! Thanks for the link.