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FrankZ Friday – Time for a “trip” down the road

Inca Roads,” to be precise. Here, have a plateful of genius… it’s Frank Zappa with Mothers of Invention George Duke, Tom Fowler, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Chester Thompson and the extra-amazing Ruth Underwood, live in 1974 at L.A. TV station KCET, interspersed with Bruce Bickford‘s claymation. Some of you Gen X’ers might’ve seen this (in shortened form) in a mid-80’s episode of the video show Night Flight. (Fans of the show, do check out this link.)

And here’s another astounding Zappa/Bickford collaboration: “City of Tiny Lights.”

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  1. What remarkable sound on “Inca Roads.” You’ve really got to know your FVZ to be able to tell this performance from the album track, which says tons about Zappa’s ear and his band’s chops.

  2. (Some of ) the music might’ve been overdubbed (as at least one YouTube commenter points out). I could care less, really… Zappa live, Zappa studio, tomato, tomahto.

  3. You know, they’re doing 2 courses on the Grateful Dead at UMass this fall. My question is – why no classes on FZ?

    Thanks, Mike…