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Guess who’s a Ron Paul fan

It’s Wednesday and I’m posting, so those are two big fat hints right there. Of course: it’s the Prince of Darkness himself, Bob Novak. How could that be, when Novak has been pimping Fred Thompson for weeks? Well, acquaint yourself with Novak’s weird sense of humor. Loathe as I am to link to the Washington Times, it’s in their “Fishwrap” (snicker) blog that he is quoted as follows:

When asked to rate the current field of Republican presidential candidates, Novak didn’t have any kind words for the current top-tier field of Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and John McCain. But when pressed as to who he thinks will be the eventual nominee, Novak said he expects Thompson to get the nod. However, Novak offered his own personal endorsement of Texas congressman Ron Paul. “He’s a very engaging person… I’d like to see him as president,” Novak said. “Can you imagine him at the United Nations?”

He is also quoted as saying of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), “I think he’s the worst leader of the Senate since Bill Frist.” Hard to disagree with him there, but since Reid has been the only leader of the Senate since Bill Frist, I guess that also makes him the best too. Funny guy, that Novak.

Elsewhere, in this week’s exclusive Novak newsletter, he is uncharacteristically harsh on the GOP in re: to his ongoing attack on Congressional earmarks:

The question for Republicans is simple: how many more of their members have to go to jail before their leaders embrace the concept of reform? The motivation need not even be so negative: The conservative ideological position of limited government gives the GOP an opportunity to exploit a great political issue by embracing reform. Yet neither the prospect of several Republicans’ going to prison nor the disastrous loss of the 2006 election has weakened the party’s embrace of the earmark model they ran from while holding the majority…

With 32,000 earmark requests floating through Congress, Republicans may want to heed Novak’s words, even if he is a weirdo.

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  2. Man, this must not have been up for very long…usually all you have to do is type the words “Ron Paul” somewhere on the Internet and the hordes come swarming in screaming that “RON PAUL IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!” 🙂

  3. I like Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul is prophetic.

    Ron Paul is the classic Philosopher King as described in Plato’s Republic.

    Ron Paul is the intelligent thoughtful Claudius after the insane evil Caligula and Tiberius.

    Ron Paul is the principled Thomas Jefferson repealing and eliminating the abusive and unconstitutional Sedition Acts.

    Ron Paul is the peaceful, patient, persistent Gandhi.

    Ron Paul is the insightful Dwight D. Eisenhower who warned of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

    Ron Paul is the man of integrity and courage that America needs at this time.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

    We are making history — Vote Ron Paul!

    Visit YouTube and search Ron Paul to learn more…

  4. Wow, the Republicans have become even too stained and polluted for Novak. Guess he’ll have to forfet his Prince of Darkness title.

    By the mere act of his election, Ron Paul becomes a purifying agent wiping clean the slate.

    I agree he’s a good man. But like all libertarians, he has a blind side toward the underserved and, unless they can summon up the wherewithal to improve their lots, would like to see them kept that way.

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  6. Ron Paul is a woman hater.

    Ron Paul doesn’t care about the environment.

    Ron Paul is a homophobe.

    Ron Paul is a fanatical racist.

    Ron Paul doesn’t want us to maintain our roads and bridges.

    Ron Paul hates the UN.

    Ron Paul is on a jihad against the civil liberties of atheists.

    Ron Paul supports shipping US jobs abroad.

    Ron Paul is a right-wing jerk.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And, it’s all true.

  7. Richard Perle is the Prince of Darkness…not Bob Novak

    if youre gonna write a story, get your facts straight

    libhomo is braindead

    RP is the only Republican that can whip ANY dumbocrat

  8. Ron Paul never voted for the Iraq War
    He voted against the Patriot Act

    Ron Paul is the candidate of the people and champion of the Constitution. He is the only major candidate not owned by military-industrial-complex, corporations, special interest, etc. Fix the system and vote Ron Paul. And tell everyone you know. Now is the time to set ourselves free.

    Ron Paul will bring peace, prosperity, and goodness to America through his honesty, integrity, and defending the Constitution. Ron Paul speaks truth.

    We can overcome in a similar way that Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and our Founding Fathers who faced tough odds and succeeded in bringing positive change to the world.

    Ron Paul has a good chance of winning. The old media is just too slow to realize what is happening.

    Dr. Ron Paul has the most contributions from U.S. military personnel and veterans above all other candidates. So support the troops and vote Ron Paul!

    Ron Paul is 1st on YouTube, Meetup, MySpace, Technorati, Alexa, Clickz, Google, etc.

    Ron Paul places 1st or 2nd in every straw poll, debate, and active participation survey.

    70% of Americans want us out of Iraq and want change.

    Ron Paul is only republican candidate against the war.

    Ron Paul only needs about 30% vote from republicans sick of the war and abuse of powers to win in republican primaries.

    (I personally have never voted republican in my 42 years. This year I will be voting for Ron Paul in the primaries and election regardless of political party.)

    Dr. Ron Paul is the man of integrity and courage that America needs at this time.

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    Join the Revolution — Vote Ron Paul!