An appropriate theme for the ‘08 congressional campaigns …

The New York Times says today that the races for congressional seats in 2008 have as equally an early head start as the presidential campaign.

Reporter Carl Hulse’s story has this graf:

The political architects for both parties in the House and Senate are hard at work recruiting candidates, raising money, mapping the playing field and experimenting with campaign themes. Strategists say that given what is likely to be a turbulent political environment, neither side can afford to waste a minute and things are off to a fast start as Democrats try to retain their hold on the House and Senate. [emphasis added]

Experimenting with campaign themes? Are they kidding? Here’s a pithy campaign theme for our esteemed members of Congress, those of the 26 percent approval rating, and the wannabees:

We’ll fix all the crap Congress has broken or left broken for too long. If we don’t, we’ll resign.

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  1. Is a promise to fix Congress or resign merely “term limits” recycled?

    Despite the best of intention, once those most likely to run for political office smell the power that come with it, an addiction is all but guaranteed. They adopt an attitude toward the masses that rivals the infamous quotes attributed to William H. Vanderbilt about railroads being run for stockholders rather than for the public the railroads presumably served.