Iraq claims highest profile victim yet: John McCain

First the suggestion that Ron Paul had more money than McCain, and now this:

McCain loses top advisers
by Mike DorningRepublican presidential candidate John McCain’s two top campaign advisers departed today, a major shake-up for a presidential bid that has been struggling for much of the year.

The resignation of campaign manager Terry Nelson and chief strategist John Weaver was announced this morning less than a week after a reorganization that involved laying off dozens of campaign staff members.

The Arizona senator’s campaign has been hindered by his strong identification with President Bush’s unpopular troop surge in Iraq, high-visibility support for an immigration reform plan passionately opposed by many rank-and-file conservatives and frosty relations with leading religious conservatives.

Given how the Religious Wide Right hates McCain, there’s no real surprise in the realization that he’s not going to win the nomination. But I’m honestly stunned at how quickly he’s fallen off the pace – apparently his Panderella act didn’t convince anybody that his Bob Dolization treatments had taken.

Note to future spineless moderates:

  • The freak right knows its own and they’ll hate you if you’re to the left of Jesse Helms.
  • Nobody respects a man who enters the room on his knees.

Let’s get a pool started on when he’ll officially withdraw….

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  1. I don’t think Iraq had anything to do with McCain’s plummeting poll #s, I think his Senate record was a major obstacle, and his stance on immigration killed him.

    He was actually done before this even began. In order to win a primary, you need to engage the base. The Dems have to go left, the Reps have to go right, and McCain has always teetered somewhere in the middle.

    What I’m shocked at is that McCain is the only one seeing the fallout from immigration. Clinton, Obama, and McCain all voted for a bill that approx 80% of Americans were against and yet only McCain (the only R) is seeing the fallout. It’s time for the D’s to step up, anyone that voted for that bill cannot be elected.

    I know a lot will be said on Iraq, but the views of Rudy and Thompson and the like are similar to those of McCain, and yet their poll numbers have been (somewhat) steady. Amnesty is McCain’s swan song.