Nota Bene #3

Daniel Robert Epstein, the hardest working man in the interview business, talks with Billy Connolly … If you want to sample the vibrant Denver music scene, check out Westword’s audio clip smorgasbord … DownWithTyranny! says that with sycophantic dirtbag Rep. John Doolittle abandoning Bush, it’s all over for the President; meanwhile, Ezra Klein details how supposed “uniter” Bush consolidated his power “by fostering division,” and Average Jane goes over all the Ten Commandments that President Bush has broken … Didn’t they use to make hit sex comedies in the ’80s about this kind of shit? … Sky & Telescope catches up with Saturn’s “sponge moon,” Hyperion … ChenZen rues his use of the “N-word” … Atlanta Progressive News talks with Rep. Bob Filner on the Cheney impeachment bill … A La Gauche shows you what a president looks like … Ron Paul tops John McCain in cash on hand; yes, I said Ron Paul … Manuel Ramos shares his garden and book reviews at La Bloga … ABC uses a dull Friday to ask the age-old question, Do Aliens Exist? … David Shuster, stepping in for Chris Matthews at ‘Hardball,’ shreds a hapless, uh, N-word … BBC reporter Alan Johnston is home at last; now what about Ebrima Manneh? … Yao Ming is set to marry … Don’t blame me: The designer of the AK-47 had really only wanted to construct farm equipment … Jim Carrey to play Ebenezer Scrooge … And lastly, White House official and Bush confidante Karen Hughes wants your questions. Keep it civil, kids.