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S&R bestows Thinking Blogger Awards

We were recently honored by BlueBloggin and BlogActive, both of which bestowed Thinking Blogger Awards on Scholars & Rogues. It’s an honor to be thought well of, especially by two such outstanding organizations. So to our friends there, we say thanks, and it goes without saying that you may consider yourselves tagged back.

The way Thinking Blogger Awards work is that when you’re tagged, you in turn bestow the award on five other sites that make you think. Since we got tagged twice, we’ll gladly take this opportunity to honor 10 sites that make us think. So here, in no particular order, are S&R’s Thinking Blogger Awards.

CenterBlue: Center/Left political/technological commentary and analysis by our friend Joe. His interesting blend of progressive and libertarian viewpoints always make for a good read.

Smart Tart: Politics and DC from a young feminist’s perspective. Martin just met her recently and was roundly impressed by her take on the issues of the day.

Kung Fu Monkey: John Rogers is a comic book author and scriptwriter, and he is fucking hilarious, not to mention insightful. And he co-wrote “Transformers.” 🙂

MaxSpeak: Progressive economist MaxSpeak views economics and politics through a supremely heterodox perspective. We first noticed him taking on Kos and some other prominent Left bloggers over the lack of attention to populism. So we thought heck, we gotta read this guy.

Attytood: This is the blog of Philadelphia Daily News senior writer Will Bunch. Few bloggers out there are better informed about the American political landscape, and his frequent dips into popular culture provide readers with a broader context that we think makes his political observations even more meaningful.

La Bloga: This outstanding project focuses on Chicana and Chicano literature, writers, and related news. Their recent interview with Sam Quinones, journalist and author of Antonio’s Gun and Delfino’s Dream: True Tales of Mexican Migration, affords an interesting insight into a man who’s dedicated to telling the stories of “unnoticed people.”

Life as a Faulty Television: It’s probably bad form to tag one of your own, but since Nick is such a recent addition we thought we’d point you to the reason why we so badly wanted him to join us.

The Moderate Voice: Joe Gandelman’s site is one of the most consistently interesting and supremely reasonable resources we’ve found.

Kiko’s House: Shaun Mullen is an accomplished big-picture thinker who parses issues with intellect, not ideology. He’s also a remarkably graceful writer, and we value that.

Square State: Several of the S&R team live in and around Denver, and as such we really appreciate the effort that JohnE and our friends at Square State dedicate to tracking important developments in one of the most pivotal regions in the nation. We like it even more now that David Sirota is blowing the place up on a regular basis.

Our hats are off to the folks who make these fine sources click. We’ll be interested to see who they tag….

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  1. Congratulations. It was my pleasure to pick such a deserving group of thoughtful writers.

    Great picks; thanks for introducing me to some new blogs. I look forward to adding them to my daily reading.

  2. ‘sprobably worth noting that a good deal of the bang is taken out of Faulty Television because a good deal of the content is “friends-locked” or private. By all means, though, the more the merrier on LiveJournal. 🙂

  3. Congratulations! And thank you for the list, I read several of them now but a few names are new to me.
    Congratulations again!