Nota Bene #2

Dark Roasted Blend’s list of 2007’s most anticipated computer games … FYI, the world’s ending on 12 December 2012 … Motherfucker: The Documentary … Undercover Black Man has actual audio of Marcus Garvey; incidentally, African leaders are split over a continental government … BooMan says Alan Dershowitz should shut up … Our own Martin Bosworth reports on the theft of 2.3 million Fidelity National customers’ data … Spike Lee to direct movie about black soldiers in WWII … William Carlos Williams / Reads his / Own works … Atrios tells S&R to be careful what we wish for … Brent Budowsky cynically predicts Bush will pardon himself and Cheney on their last day in office … Joe Scarborough will officially succeed Don Imus on MSNBC; meanwhile, the I-Man may be back sooner than you think … Slim Margin: Bill Gates is no longer the richest man on Earth … The world’s best hamburger is not in a Jersey diner, but in Egypt … Convenience store customers stepped over a stabbed, dying woman in Kansas, one even taking pictures of her with a cell phone … Rick Perlstein begins a 3-part series, ‘The Foreclosing of America‘ … Skeptical Brotha reads from the Neo-Con Bible … They all suck: ratings for Bush, Congress drop even more … Dead sea jellies are the new soy … Smirking Chimp mulls the most dangerous question in the world … Nothing is sacred: living goddess loses her divine rights … Girl could give birth to her own sister … NASA recycles old spacecraft for new missions … and finally, Kenny Be illustrates what happens to urban wildlife when the heat hits 100 degrees. Happy 4th, all.

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