Nota Bene #2

Dark Roasted Blend’s list of 2007’s most anticipated computer games … FYI, the world’s ending on 12 December 2012 … Motherfucker: The Documentary … Undercover Black Man has actual audio of Marcus Garvey; incidentally, African leaders are split over a continental government … BooMan says Alan Dershowitz should shut up … Our own Martin Bosworth reports on the theft of 2.3 million Fidelity National customers’ data … Spike Lee to direct movie about black soldiers in WWII … William Carlos Williams / Reads his / Own works … Atrios tells S&R to be careful what we wish for … Brent Budowsky cynically predicts Bush will pardon himself and Cheney on their last day in office … Joe Scarborough will officially succeed Don Imus on MSNBC; meanwhile, the I-Man may be back sooner than you think … Slim Margin: Bill Gates is no longer the richest man on Earth … The world’s best hamburger is not in a Jersey diner, but in Egypt … Convenience store customers stepped over a stabbed, dying woman in Kansas, one even taking pictures of her with a cell phone … Rick Perlstein begins a 3-part series, ‘The Foreclosing of America‘ … Skeptical Brotha reads from the Neo-Con Bible … They all suck: ratings for Bush, Congress drop even more … Dead sea jellies are the new soy … Smirking Chimp mulls the most dangerous question in the world … Nothing is sacred: living goddess loses her divine rights … Girl could give birth to her own sister … NASA recycles old spacecraft for new missions … and finally, Kenny Be illustrates what happens to urban wildlife when the heat hits 100 degrees. Happy 4th, all.

Declaring independence from King George

King George WBy Robert Silvey

Scooter Libby walks free because he is a friend of the king. Two hundred thirty-one years after we American colonials declared our independence from the tyranny of one King George, another King George has reasserted the royal prerogative of placing himself and his friends above the law.

It’s time for a new Declaration of Independence, but we don’t have to start from scratch. Many charges in the original bill of particulars against George III are equally applicable to George W:

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

He has obstructed the Administration of Justice. Continue reading

‘Natives,’ ‘Immigrants’ and ‘Pioneers’ in the Digital World

By Sunfell

I recently had an interesting discussion with an online acquaintance. We were discussing a tagging project she’s doing for a thriving Live Journal community I referee moderate. She found the project to be very productive and educational, and I was happy to let her use her considerable skills as an organizer and archivist to clean up the hundreds of tags the community has generated in its four years of existence. She told me that I seemed to be very comfortable operating in the digital world and that my work-style and behavior was that of a ‘digital native’. She then asked me my age, and was surprised when I told her. I’m 46- a ‘cusp’ of the Baby Boom and Generation X. She’s almost thirty- a genuine ‘Generation Y’.

Why the surprise? And why the significance of ages? It appears that folks of both Gen-X and the earlier Baby Boom generation are considered by certain scholars to be ‘digital immigrants’ while people of her generation, who were born in the late 70s and beyond- are considered ‘digital natives’ because they’ve grown up with all the wonderful digital toys we now take for granted. I had Merlin, she had Nintendo. But she was the person who introduced me to the idea of ‘digital natives’- and she paid me the compliment that my online behavior was like that of a ‘native’.

Of course, I was intrigued, so I went digging, as I tend to do when introduced to a new idea. There are lots of interesting articles about the cognitive and methodical differences between ‘natives’ and ‘immigrants’ and how they apparently have a hard time speaking to each other. The “immigrants” come out looking like clueless, often wrinkly lamers. What gets forgotten in all the labeling is that folks of my generation helped to create, build, test, and perfect all the lovely toys that the ‘natives’ take for granted today. Continue reading

S&R bestows Thinking Blogger Awards

We were recently honored by BlueBloggin and BlogActive, both of which bestowed Thinking Blogger Awards on Scholars & Rogues. It’s an honor to be thought well of, especially by two such outstanding organizations. So to our friends there, we say thanks, and it goes without saying that you may consider yourselves tagged back.

The way Thinking Blogger Awards work is that when you’re tagged, you in turn bestow the award on five other sites that make you think. Since we got tagged twice, we’ll gladly take this opportunity to honor 10 sites that make us think. So here, in no particular order, are S&R’s Thinking Blogger Awards. Continue reading