Nota Bene #1

Beginning with this post, I’m starting a regular feature called “Nota Bene” in which I round up interesting blog posts and bits of news each day, M-F (with Monday covering weekend goodies). This inaugural post is gonna be a long one, so bear with me.

Jesus’ General on Victor Davis Hanson’s “greatest shame” … Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell: “I’m a racist? Those are fighting words” … Brad DeLong on al-Qaeda-mania … David Sirota asks aloud if the conservative economic revolt is over in the Rocky Mountain West … In semi-related news, Denver is still $1.5 million short of the Democratic convention goal … David Airey revisits the surreal art of Octavio Ocampo … SCOTUSblog: What the school cases mean for the workplace … The late Steve Gilliard’s News Blog crew carries on at a new site, The Group News Blog … Bruce Schneier: Terrorist Special Olympics in the UK? … Sen. Joe Lieberman apparently on crack, says Iran has declared war … A La Gauche on mainstream media’s poor estimation skills … Larisa Alexandrovna: Impeachment is back on the table … Black Looks recalls the obscure Kimpa Vita … A firebomb-launching blogger mellows outThirty percent of Americans abuse alcohol … Digby props a late blog colleague and calls attention to some other bloggers’ plights … National Security Archive finds that the oldest Freedom of Information Act request still pending was filed during the Reagan administration … Read/WriteWeb: Digg needs editors, please, they’re begging … Undercover Black Man with something shocking from Scatman Crothers … Libby post-game show: MyDD has presidential candidates’ reactions; Brad Friedman with more, plus a vintage vid of Bush 41; Andy Ostroy explains why he’s happy with the commutation … Your New Reality: The terror war knows no subtlety in definitions … Saudi prince caught up in the BAE scandal is having trouble selling his $130 million ranch … New ultrasound technique could make beer even better … and finally, some asshat in New York attacks a peacock he says was a vampire.

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