President Bush has decreed that his veep’s former chief of staff, the convicted Lewis “Scooter” Libby, will not have to do prison time.

It’s good to be the king, but better yet, it’s good to know the king.

Read more at Think Progress.

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  1. The last product to be manufactured here in the US: The backscratcher.

    Of course, the one I use was made in China.

  2. Time for the Way Back Machine:

    “Before Karla Faye Tucker was executed, there were pleas for clemency from Waly Bacre Ndiaye, the United Nations commissioner on summary and arbitrary executions, the World Council of Churches, Pope John Paul II, and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, among other world figures. Unusual pleas came from conservative American political figures such as Newt Gingrich and Pat Robertson, interceding on her behalf. Tucker did not ask for a pardon, only commutation of her death sentence to life in prison. Huntsville Prison’s warden testified that she was a model prisoner and that, after 14 years on death row, she likely had been reformed. Despite these pleas, Bush signed her death warrant.”


  3. I beat the news in my blog – oneangryzebra.blogstram.com

    Bush is power mad. This was his way to show us that he was the
    President after the immigration vote failed.


  4. You know, the last time I saw everybody this angry was when that football player pardoned Tricky Dicky….

    Glad to see people get their backs up.

    Dubya, of course, doesn’t give a good goddam what we think.

    Executive privilege taken to its logical extreme, huh?