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Pelosi on Bush: “He’s not worth impeaching”

By Martin Bosworth

I had the pleasure of subbing in for Sam for a conference call with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today. Although there were a good number of progressive bloggers in attendance with a lot to say, Pelosi pretty much dominated the conversation, sometimes answering questions before people could even ask them. I was impressed with how knowledgeable she was on environmental issues in particular, ranging from biofuel creation and consumption to raising CAFE standards. Good stuff. Dave Johnson of Seeing The Forest has a fairly thorough recap of the conversation.

Dave actually asked the question I want to address here. Pelosi was discussing the absolute lack of oversight and accountability that has been a hallmark of the Bush junta, and Dave said, simply, “What are you going to do about it?”

Pelosi’s argument against impeachment was, simply, that it wouldn’t be worth expending the political capital and effort to push the process forward. If the situation had been Bush coming in as a new president, she said, things might have been different, but with less than two years left on his watch and his record as a miserable failure etched in stone , the stronger weapon was oversight. Pelosi specifically mentioned the subpoena power that, she said, is making the Dem Congress “Bush’s worst nightmare.”

Essentially, Pelosi argued that we need to push forward and get a Dem in the White House in 2008 to really start enacting serious change, noting that even with majorities in both Houses, the Dems’ power could not overcome the 60 Senate votes needed to beat a Bush veto, and that the courts would be particularly unfriendly to Democratic moves for criminal investigations unless they substantially “built the cases” for each move. “Let the process play out,” she said. “Oversight isn’t political, it’s patriotic.”

Many of the bloggers on the call were unhappy with this, wanting to see more direct action, and Pelosi expressed sympathy with the frustration. For me, this is a tough one. I understand how tough the political process is in the best of environments–and this is anything but. Pelosi is a new Speaker leading the Dems back to power for the first time in 12 years, and she’s a woman, so she gets the 20 percent sexism tax attached to everything she does. I get that. Bush has stacked the government so thoroughly with “loyal Bushies” at every level, in all three branches, that it will take years to get rid of them and undo all their damage. I get that too.

But at the same time, when you look at the sneering defiance with which the Bush/Cheney axis refuses to comply with even the basic tenets of law, or how they’re incapable of passing any sort of legislation without it collapsing under the weight of its own bullshit, or any one of a million other crimes that have been committed under the aegis of the Worst President Ever, you have to ask yourself, “What the hell are we waiting for? How much power can a guy with a historically low approval rating really wield?”

Plenty. Bush’s veto pen can kill all of the progressive, forward-thinking legislation Pelosi wants to push, and without 60 Senators on board to override a veto, that’s that. And do not doubt he will do it–the man has proven time and again that he simply does not care what others think, and will happily kill any legislation out of spite, ignorance, or just plain meanness.

Bush has almost two years left to do incalculable damage and to continue to sully and stain the future and reputation of our country. At a time when the nation’s mindset is leaning more progressive left than ever, and we have strong enough leaders in Congress and elsewhere to make the change, it’s tough to accept that impeaching Bush (and Cheney) for their flagrant violations of law and ethics can’t be done. Right now, they are in the way of making this country a better place.

Indeed, the biggest obstacles to turning this country around are in the White House right now. And when an obstacle is in your way, you find a way around it, or you go through it. If we can’t get around them, then they need to go.

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  1. Great recap and arguments, Martin. I feel the same frustration everytime I think about the arguments to impeacha president who lied about getting a blow job vs. a president who lied about, well, everything.

  2. Dude, nice to see you here. Glad you liked the piece.

    It IS frustrating. Tremendously. And Bush has deliberately committed criminal acts that violate the Constitution, so it’s very hard for me to stomach the idea that we can’t just impeach the bastard.

    This is why I’m a pundit and not a politician, I suppose.

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  4. Why even bother? We don’t live in a Democracy. We live in a Masonic Republic. That have their own global agenda and will do anything to get it. Do you think you vote even counts? Pelosi is there because they want her there. It’s like WWF fake wrestling. It’s just a show to keep you guys
    thinking that you have a choice or that your vote matters.

  5. Impeachment isn’t politics, it’s patriotism. Contact your Congressman to urge appointment of a special prosecutor to address obstructionism and perjury in the executive branch NOW.

    If the Dems are so sure that history will measure the Bush regime as a “miserable failure,” then what will history say about those legislators who sat back and let it happen?

    Frustration doesn’t begin to express the despair of watching this Great Experiment cruise ahead full steam as the iceberg looms. Do they think it cannot get worse? Oh, man, it can get so much worse in the next 18 months that we’ll look back on this summer as a trip to Disneyland.

    Give me back my Constitution!

  6. Bush/Cheney are dangerous. If they feel too pressured all they now have to do is declare an emergency, anything from a tick bite to a bad congressional vote to a make believe terror attack.

    If and when they do we are in a full fledged dictatordhip, not the partial one we now have.

    His time left is too much freedom for this disaster of a president/vice president to be free to do his poison on my country I helped defend in the 60s when Bush and Cheney either were too busy or too cowardly to help out.

    It is the DUTY of Congress to uphold the Constitution, not to worry about votes.

  7. Why is the congress involved in presidential elections? They should be worried about their own election.

  8. How the hell does Pelosi think people are going to support a Dem candidate for president if the Dems won’t stand up to Bush and Cheney’s lawbreaking today? They are a clear and present danger to this country and the entire world. Let them continue unchecked and we could see war with Iran or even worse.

  9. If there is no impeachment, there is no Constitution. It simply no longer applies when the Dems value their re-elections as more of an imperative than maintaining the Rule of Law.

    N.P. doesn’t want to spend their capital? This is the equivalent to ‘keeping our powder dry.’ How did that work out?

    And they’re expecting re-election to do what? So they can come into power with all of the illegal extras that they’ve allowed bush and cheney to accumulate to the Executive.

    Yeah, that’ll be better, won’t it?

  10. Pelosi’s “we can’t do anything but attempts at oversight” mantra is a gross dereliction of duty, and against the entire course of American history, starting with the wrongs enumerated against the royal sovereign in the Declaration of Inependence. The founders were willing to risk their lives to sign that document… Nancy Pelosi is UNWILLING to use the provisions EXPLICITY BUILT INTO THE CONSTITUTION to restrain and reign in a chief executive attempting to become a sovereign.

    In 2000, Al Gore was a touch “too smart” – he selected Joe Lieberman as his running mate, based on Lieberman’s “moral values” (unlike Clinton, Lieberman divorced his first wife and married a trophy second wife) and on the historical precedent of selecting a Jewish runing mate. Gore seroiusly miscalculted on both counts – if Lieberman’s “trophy wife” didn’t give away his pick-and-choose moral values, then his running as a liberal-moderate in 2006 (and then swinging Bush-Republican once elected) did. And Gore should have followed Bill Clinton’s winning strategy from 1992 – picking a Southern, white male with congressional leadership experience as his running mate. (That would be then former senator Al Gore.)

    Nancy is repeating Gore’s overly intellectual dithering – coming up with 1,000 excuses not to do her duty to ENFORCE AMERICA’S LAWS and Constitutional RESPONSIBILITIES, when in fact THE BEST OPPORTUNITY for Democrats to capture the White House (and more Congressional seats) in 2008 is a full-court impeachment press againt the criminal conduct and “abuses” of the executive, such that the founding fathers once signed their names to the Declaration of Independence.

  11. Oftentimes, recently elected officials are called on to act courageously, to take initiative even against long odds, because it is moral and necessary, and not take refuge behind electoral calculations.

    The way to undo damage is to put Bush and Cheney on trial, and to force the Republican party on record concerning their disregard for the rule of law.

    The Congress did not say “Nixon only has a couple of years left in office” when they began proceedings. You do not wait for criminals to turn themselves in before you try & convict them for crimes.

  12. What makes her think these people will even allow an election if we don’t stop them now? The Dems have not addressed the electronic voting machines which have allowed them to steal elections and now Texas will have them statewide in 08. If they don’t get rid of this corrupt bunch, they will continue to steal the elections in this country.
    I think NP needs to get her eyes open a little wider before it is too late. If we protest when they steal another one, we can be thrown into jail as terrorists. We have been abandoned by our fearless leaders!

  13. It takes a 2/3 majority or 67 Senators, not 60 to override a veto. It takes 60 for a cloture motion.

  14. At this moment I am watching all 8 Democratic candidates participate in the “All American Presidential Forum” at Howard University on PBS. My thought is are they just wasting their time. Bush/Cheney can just call an emergency and call for martial law and cancel the 2008 election and become the dictatorship that they want to have. I agree if the next election means anything we need to get rid of Bush/Cheney – NOW!!

  15. But if we were to impeach Bush AND Cheney at the same time, we’d get President Pelosi for a few months.

    There is no way that would not be a vast improvement.

  16. Until more than a handful of Republican Senators admit publicly that President Bush does not represent their party in its ideal and act upon that admission we will remain in thrall to this criminal administration. The Dems cannot get the votes necessary for a successful impeachment and therefor they look at a double-edged sword. Do they push impeachment for the public trial and dirty laundry airing knowing the ultimate vote total will be against them? Do they push the impeachment knowing that a long, drawn-out trial could eventually bite them in their collective ass if the public tires of it and begins to look at the Dem party as pouty little troublemakers abusing their newfound power?
    Or do they look down the road (as Nancy Pelosi seems to be doing) and work on getting a Dem in during the next election cycle and hope to begin undoing the damage done by this administration? One major drawback to this last notion is that many may see the Dems as weak-willed, timid and (perhaps) conspiratorial with the current administration in terms of the abuse of power already set in motion.
    But for her to say that Bush is not worth impeaching is rude. No president should be able to go unpunished for the illegalities he’s been involved in. The very fact that these illegalities are public knowledge and no one is dragging his feet across the coals suggests to me that the Dems are more interested in ultimate power than they are in doing what is right. It’s been almost 40 years since the Constitution was trampled on by a president as openly as it is now.
    Do we really have to relearn this lesson?

  17. The basic problem which Pelosi refuses to admit is that the Democrats are just as guilty of warmongering and trampling on Civil liberties as the Republicans.

    Clinton’s sanctions killed 500,000 Iraqi kids.
    Clinton let the media consolidate and become th epropaganda force it is. Let welfare Deform go through. Hillary’s health plan was a give away to the insurance companies, not the single payer that every other civilized country has.

    Wars have started under both Dems and Republicans, and the Dems systematically eliminated peace candidates in the last election.

    Just look at how they treat Kucinich.

    It’s just more prvarication. And Pelosi knows it.

  18. Lacking the votes to convict did not deter the republicans from impeaching Clinton. Clinton had a 70% approval rating at the time. The people knew it was all BS, but the republicans did it anyway and lost nothing political by doing so. If Bush and Cheney are not impeached the precedent for a dictatorship of the executive will have been established and what is left of the republic will go down to defeat regardless of who wins the next election.

  19. Impeach?! Are you kidding me? From people that couldn’t even get a “No Confidence Vote” for the worst AG we’ve ever had? From the same turn-coats who would not only not slow down or stop the illegal Iraq occupation, but allowed it’s increase?

    I don’t think so.

  20. This is the message I sent to Nancy Pelosi:
    Dear Honorable Nancy Pelosi,

    I heard again today that you think it is a waste of time to impeach the president, vice president, and the attorney general. Let me be clear

  21. There are plenty of good reasons to impeach Bush and Cheney. The main problem is that even, if miraculously, impeachment trials occurred, there simply are not enough votes in the Senate to convict either one. Even if every Democrat votes in favor (impossible, since at minimum Lieberman and more conservative Democrats never would), there aren’t enough Republican votes to get the total to the mandatory 67.

    I don’t like to discourage impeachment when it is so richly deserved, but this is a battle that cannot be won with today’s Senate. It simply isn’t going to happen. Better to have a weakened Bush, and limit his further damage, than to anger much of the country on a doomed-to-fail impeachment effort. Sorry. I hate this too. But it’s reality.

  22. With almost two years left in this administration, it is foolhardy to ignore the possibility of escape routes for Bush and Cheney that are yet to be realized. This Administration moves forward lockstep as well as any Facist machine. The Military -Corporate and now national media are well oiled to keep rolling forward. The Oversight Committeee continues like a wheat mill trying to grind corn when only a few kernels will crack. The process is slow and the administration can stall and even defer matters to the Supreme Court which will eat up more time. The Bush-Cheney coup of democracy have time on their side to wait for any excuse to declare a National Emergency which will effectually bring Congress to a halt. When that happens,there will be no election in 2008 or 2010 or 2012.
    The Bush-Cheney train operates on schedules and it needs to be derailed by impeachment procedings. If it isnt, those who are fortunate enough to plan ahead should have Passports handy. The rest of the world now wonders what the Hell is wrong with America.

  23. Our recent history reads in many ways like the early chapters of Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. The Nazi party gained power incrementally using violence and threats of violence against those who opposed them and by controlling the media. I fear we are moving steadily in the same direction. To see the timid responses of the our congress to these currents is truly chilling. To read that Ms. Pelosi continues to hold impeachment off the table implies we are going to accept the outrageous behavior of the administration. This reaction invites more of the same and it seems that we’re getting more of it every day.

    Perhaps needless to say, I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic leadership of both houses.

  24. Political Capital?
    The only time to worry about spending ‘poitical capital’ is when you have an inferior product. Pelosi should know that. Impeachement of george, the bushmobster, is not only a product which needs no sales pitch it would be boon to ratings and thus result in an inrease supply of ‘political capital’. Basic political economics.

  25. this is a crock of merde! no votes for any dinocrat apologists, they have utterly failed this nation in that they voted to allow the ‘Enabling Act’ Patriot Act go thru, they allowed the John Warner Defense Act to go thru, they allowed the destruction of ‘habeus corpus’, and countless other Bush / Cheney / Military Industrial Complex ‘coup’ attrocities to continue after they were voted into office in November of 2006. So, in summary,
    KISS MY M.F. ASS, NANCY PELOSI, if IMPEACHMENT AND RULE OF LAW, and letting us restore the U.S. Constitution are OFF THE GODDAMNED TABLE! You’re off the goddamned table as a viable party in 2008, if there is an election in 2008. You’re THROUGH, you’re OVER WITH, you are GONE, NANCY!!!!! GET IT THRU YOUR THICK TREASONOUS SKULL!!!!

  26. Pelosi, Hoyer, Emmanuel and Reid pushed through the Iraq War extension. They could have stopped the war by simply doing nothing. Filibuster proof. Veto proof. The moral and honorable and politically popular course.

    Instead we have thousands more dead and maimed GIs, and tens of thousands more dead Iraqis. All because Nancy’s high-society pals craved more war profits – another hundred billion dollars taxed from working Americans and handed to the ultra rich on the bodies of dead GIs.

    Dem leaders are neocons in donkey suits. Rank and file Congressional Dems must work together and act decisively to fix this paramount problem.

    If Dems can’t replace their own leadership, if Dems won’t get tough on Whitehouse crime, if Dems continue to value war profits over GIs’ lives, Dems will lose again and again and again.

  27. I so hope some of the bloggers on the call gave it right back to Pelosi, making it at least semi-clear to her in response that she is shirking her duty and ignoring her oath of office to defend the Constitution. [How else will she ever hear the truth, one on one?]

    What is happening here is the elevation of the POLITICAL PARTY and its ‘well-being’ above the well-being of THE NATION and its CONSTITUTION. PUBLIC duty consists of upholding the Constitution (there’s not enough ‘glory’ in that hard work, apparently, for those entrusted with its defense). The fate of PRIVATE political parties has NOTHING to do with the Constitution or the interests of the country, when those parties have no agenda except to win the next election for the sake of the PERSONAL power and privilege a party win brings.

    Members of Congress are running for office IN ORDER TO RUN FOR OFFICE. Since November, 2006, the Democratic Party members in Congress have simply been running for office in 2008.

    I will not be voting Democratic in ’08, based on the status quo enforcing positions of the (funded) candidates now running (who are all now ‘opposed’ to impeachment). I will most definitely vote for a legitimate non-major party candidate, in order to try to break the back of the two-party system that is breaking our nation’s back and has ALREADY thorougly undermined our Constitution. [Bloomberg: if you run in defense of the Constitution, and the war powers it vests SOLELY IN CONGRESS, and run pointedly AGAINST the two major parties, you’ll win in a landslide, believe me. You can literally buy back our Constitution for us, with your billions. Please do.]

    Nancy Pelosi may (unbelievably) still believe that George W. Bush is a “lovely man” (unlike Howard Dean, apparently, for whom Pelosi has long had antipathy) as she told Charlie Rose Wednesday night, but if she does, she is simply unfit for public office, and her dreadful judgement renders her absolutely unfit to be Speaker of the House.

    AIPAC is pleased tonight. And isn’t that all that matters any more? AIPAC’s Carl Levin has his hand firmly on the rudder of the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill (the House Bill is already passed) – so nothing the least bit assertive or definitive will be allowed to pass that would really end our occupation of Iraq (it’s ‘like it or lump it’ time: no amendments of any significance will be considered to “signature” bills like Feingold/Reid and Levin/Reed – apparently for fear that some tweaking might actually allow them to pass with Republican support). Rest assured of that, despite the empty upcoming Reid/Pelosi rhetoric to the contrary. [ I haven’t heard word one about the funded through a date-certain ending of the occupation that people like Admiral Joe Sestak have been claiming to be working on.]

    Dear Rahm, Dear Nancy, Dear Harry, Dear Dick:

    Take your polls AND SHOVE THEM. And then stay away from me, you SCUM.

  28. I agree with Rep. Kucinich. Vice President Cheney ought to be impeached. After that happens, President Bush ought to be impeached. Both Cheney and Bush have committed high crimes and misdemeanors. To ignore their crimes would be a… a… crime.

  29. Although there are not enough votes for impeachment now, hearings could bring a few moral Republicans (oxymoron?) to join the ranks of the great Republicans who would have impeached Nixon if he hadn’t resigned.

  30. I am worried sick as to what those two maniacs will do with the time they have left. We need to remove them from office NOW. Please Speaker Nancy rethink this through. These people put their hands on the bible and swore to uphold the constitution. That just shows you how they made a mockery of the process.


  31. She understands your frustration but impeachment is not a winning strategy. Yes you could change the pResident/VpResident now and end up with a split congress for the foreseeable future. It

  32. It saddens me that the Dems put winning the White House ahead of standing up for democracy.

    Elections will always be there. A democratic system based on checks and balances won’t. Then again, how democratic will our elections be, if we don’t preserve our system of checks & balances? So much for Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her opportunistic friends in the Democratic Party!

    IMHO, IT DOESN’T MATTER how much time a sitting president and vice-president’s has left in their second term. If you don’t hold them accountable at all for their abuse of executive power, then that gives the go-ahead for future presidents to do the same. It’s like giving them a free pass to mess with our government. Sorta like, “hey, if they can get away with it, then when can’t we?”

    Elections won’t stop abuse of power, holding our leaders accountable through genuine investigations into impeachment will and now is an appropriate time to do so.

  33. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between Nancy and Dubya, everything is viewed through a political veil. She needs to go. Then the country and congress can begin to move on what NEEDS to be done, removing and prosecuting the criminals in DC. I hope the voters in Nancy”s district start a campaign to get her to wake up or remove her from office. We are talking about the criminal abduction of The Constitution, the SCOTUS, DOJ and the Country.

  34. Two things regarding Pelosi’s strategy:

    First, she’s not taking into account that this administration’s ignoring the rule of law spans to the election process. They lost in 2006 due to miscalculating the number of machines to rig and sectors of voters to intimidate. Their election corruption machine is still going in full force and regardless of what Pelosi or any democrat thinks, the results of the 2008 elections will have absolutely nothing to do with the vote of the people.

    Second, I think Pelosi is truly afraid to impeach for personal reasons. The democrats have been running scared since Gore won the election in 2000 and their fears were realized in the tragic deaths of Democratic senators Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone and their families. I think they’re trying to do what they can but are living under the very real threat that this administration can make bad things happen when it serves them. When Sen. Carnahan’s plane went down before in October 2002 before a congressional election, he was survived by his wife who won his seat. In 2004, when Sen. Wellstone’s plane went down, conveniently his wife died with him.

    What I want as an American living in this country, what’s MOST important to me, is to see proof that no one is above the law and that those in the highest office are held accountable. I want accountability for everything they’ve done. I don’t want them to be ‘voted’ out and have them just slink back into the woodwork. The 2000 elections, 911, the Iraq war, Halliburton, the justice scandals, Plamegate, and on and on… I want to see them ALL in federal prison for their crimes.

  35. i am pissed. pelosi is being week and it is really sad to me that er have people in prison and the biggest criminal out there is Bush and he is a free man. What kind of messege is pelosi really saying to the american people?

  36. I remember the Dems didn’t want “to spend their political capital” fillibistering Roberts or Alito either. I’m afraid this do-nothing strategy of tantric governance will work out just about as well for Us as a Republic as that has.

  37. Madame Speaker is wrong in the sense that aggressive “oversight” is enough to prove to the American people that our Constitutional system is working. The perception is that either the Democratic Party is cynically avoiding its Constitutional obligation to uphold the law–because clearly this administration is contemptuous of the law and the Constitution–because elections are more important; or the Democratic Party is a paper tiger, cynically using “oversight” excuses to hide the fact that the Democratic Party is a paper tiger without the will or the guts to go forward on behalf of the american people. Either way, the Democratic Party looks bad. Perhaps Madame Speaker just doesn’t get it because she is impervious to the level of outrage in the heartland, or she is in a bubble of her own. But, when local and state governments all across this country are passing resolutions to impeach, she should hear the message: We want the Democratic Party to invoke its Constitutional obligation to hold the executive branch to its Constitutional responsibility to uphold the law. This President and Vice President broke the law–FISA. A criminal conspiracy to withhold documents is therefore also breaking the law. If the Democrats do nothing; the contempt of the people for the Democratic Party will grow and ’08 will become a pipedream. Ms. Pelosi may be smart, but she is just as delusional as Bush if she thinks avoiding doing the right thing will help Democrats.

  38. I wonder if Madam Speaker and the Dems (of which I am one) made a deal with this group of thugs in order to gain their majority in 2006.

    Think about Gerald Ford’s first act in office was to pardon Nixon. Pelosi has never wavered in promising NOT to impeach, right from the start.

    Seems to me she’s making a heck of a lot of excuses. And in truth, what HAS this congress accomplished since taking over?

    And why are all the criminals still smirking and still in office?

  39. What makes the Dems think they can do ANYTHING once they have the power if they are unwilling to stand up now for constitutional principles? Either we are a country ruled by law or we are now. And letting elected (?) political officials break the law with impugnity does not convey that message.

    And the old argument that “we don’t have the votes” or “we don’t want to expend our political capital in a futile battle” are specious. If you do not stand up for what is right, you are correctly viewed as being spineless and ineffective, a punching bag for the opposition. Which is just how the Dems are presently viewed.

    Its all about image and perception and if you convey weakness and prevarication, that is how you will be judged.

  40. Oversight helps reveal which rats have been eating which cheese, but subpoenas lead to a brick wall. Besides, waiting for a Dem president is not much to look forward to considering the leading candidates were all war supporters (Obama seemed pretty happy to speak for Kerry’s aggressive platform). The Dems and Repubs are like Scylla and Charybdis, and we the people need to somehow steer a path between them. And I join all of you who want to see this administration’s perps and accessories held accountable. I’d be off a jury … I’ve already judged them guilty, long ago.

  41. I disagree with Nancy Pelosi in the strongest way possible. What? We’re supposed to figure out through osmosis that Bush has committed crimes? Pelosi came on strong before the elections and since she has rolled over and become Bush’s lapdog. Bush et al love that there is no impeachment and no reins on their illegal actions. I have no clue how she thinks that this behavior will win the Democrats the 08 election. In my eyes it’s losing them the election already.

  42. I’m a newbie at this blog, but let me add two thoughts.

    First, Ms. Pelosi, whether we like her or not, is a realist. Success on her stage is picking the right battles and winning them, not fighting every fight because it’s there. Much as impeaching Cheney and his loyal naif, W, may be necessary, these are unwinnable battles. Winning is important, not fighting. What is winnable is hounding Cheney, W, Fredo, Rove and Puppy Love (Justice Harriet Meiers) and every other high visibility loyal Bushy in Washington. The more time they have to spend preparing their lies and their “I disremember” statements, the less time they have to continue to f*ck over the country.

    Second, for all the damage Cheney and Bush have done, the greatest has been done by their turn-back-the-clock Supreme Court choices. Cheney and Bush will slither off stage and in into history’s garbage dump in the hellishly long period of 19 months. The Court will live til your grandchildren have

  43. Pelosi, Conyers, Reid and the press should be sent four white feathers (one each from each of US) as a galvanizing emblem of their abject cowardice in the face of these treasonous domestic enemies of We the People and our Constitutional rights, freedoms and liberty. Once we had courageous forefathers; now only callow four feathers.


    We ALL want The Bush and The Dick gone— and we all want good decisions made. THAT is why we elect the Democrats we do.

    We also do not know all of the political underpinnings— it is obvious to some degree that The Dismal Duo is praised mostly by followers WHO ARE NOT SHOCKED by any of the decisions they make, from ignoring the will of the people TO ignoring the will of the world community TO ignoring the congress.


  45. So, Pelosi wants to let this play out and the Dems can use it in 2008. This is all being done on the coffins of each soldier and civilian that dies in Iraq. She and the Dems still have no backbone.

  46. The fact is they’re not pursuing impeachment because they’re afraid to.

    The idea that Bush isn’t worth impeaching betrays a complete failure to understand the notion of accountability. Accountability is not solely about bringing criminals to justice, although it is about that too. Accountability is also about deterring others from performing similar acts in the future.

    The Democrats let Reagan get away with Iran-Contra in the 80’s and that failure to hold them accountable led directly to the behavior of the Bush Administration 20 years later. Not only that, it led to the same behavior in some cases on the part of exactly the same individuals who were allowed to get away with it in the 80’s.

    Bush is well worth impeaching — if you care about the fundamental values upon which this nation was founded. But the Democrats are a bunch of scared little children who are more worried about the chance that standing up for accountability will subject them to attacks from Republicans. They are more concerned with avoiding Republican attacks than with defending our nation’s values.


  47. It’s time to find someone to run in the primary against Madame Speaker. She shows that she doesn’t have the spine to really go up against Dick and W. It looks like there’ll need to be a backbenchers revolt to get her out of the way of actually doing something against the administration.

  48. Remember,when calling your reps let them know they can and will be voted out of office in 08 unless they get off their asses and do something about fueher bush and the serpent{cheney}.Once these two impediments to democracy are removed,and only then, we can move forward.

  49. I agree with several posts that question democrats being seen as spineless by voters. Evidently, Pelosi doesn’t fear democrats being voted out. Pelosi’s strategy to get a dem. in as prez could easily backfire into getting a dem. prez but also a republican congressional majority again. Dem voters are angry enough with the new dem controlled congress to vote the pacifiers out. If so, it’s welcome to Gingrichville and dejavu all over again!

  50. I do like Pelosi. However, if Bush isn’t worth impeaching, Pelosi isn’t worth electing. In the name of justice and the Constitution we can’t let these guys get away with what they have done.

  51. Nancy Pelosi is an authoritarian, a traitor to America and the core principles of her own Democratic Party.

    When the Democrats took over the congress this year three ardent opponents of the drug war, Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers and Alsee Hastings took over committee chairs responsible for aspects of the crime fostering, terrorism funding and anti-democracy drug war. But Pelosi, more concerned with winning elections than she is in reducing crime and terrorism, issued orders that no one is to address criminal justice and social justice policy under AFTER the 2008 elections.


    “Washington insiders, however, are not holding their breath for great upheaval in federal drug policy. Sources close to the appointment, who asked not to be named, say that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of the Democratic leadership have effectively embargoed major crime or drug policy legislation for the next two years, to avoid looking soft on crime in the 2008 election.”

    90% of the heroin in the world comes from Afghanistan. Its profits fund most of the -stateless- terrorist armies in the world today. Profits that are buying bullets and bombs that are being directed at American troops right this second.

    The reason that our southern border is a disaster area is because the $ 144-billion U.S. retail illicit drug market is so lucrative that it inspires entire industries dedicated to circumventing our best border security.

    The reason that crime is the disaster it is in our cities is because under-educated and under-employed poor people and minorities have only the illicit drug market for economic opportunity.

    The reason that the Democrats had such a hard time in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections is because of the millions of Americans criminally disenfranchised. Mostly by the drug war. The drug war is force shifting large populations from urban communities to rural prisons to be counted in apportionment but not having a vote in those rural communities. At the same time they are no longer part of the apportionment in their home towns. Apportionment is subverted and Gerrymandering of safe districts facilitated.

    Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow congress to address these issues. Nancy Pelosi, for opportunistic political expediency, is a traitor to the constitution mandate to secure America’s national defense and domestic tranquility first and foremost.


  52. “We’re not gonna take it
    Never did and never will
    We’re not gonna take it
    Gonna break it, gonna shake it,
    let’s forget it better still”

  53. It’s my birthday today and Nancy Pelosi could give me a birthday present. What do you say, Nancy? My request for a present is simple: live up to your oath to protect and defend the Constitution. I’m so sick of this calculating democratic party that you are going to calculate yourselves right into oblivion, where you should be if you don’t impeach the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate. WE pay your salary to stand up for the rule of law and we expect you to do just that. If you can’t do that you have an obligation to step down and let someone else who can do the job be the speaker. Impeaching now is your only way to regain any respect for you and your party. You don’t get that do you? Imagine Bush/Cheney starting a war with Iran and using Nuke busters. Imagine Bush/Cheney invoking martial law and suspending the next election. Imagine anything you want from these criminals and that’s what they are capable of. I thought you were smart but you don’t get how perilous things are. Where we are in a President’s term has absolutely NOTHING to do with the danger we are in. You and you alone have the power to stop this madness. History will treat you accordingly….

  54. A challenge: name one impeachable charge against the administration that falls within the ones described in Artile II, Section 4 of the Constitution.

    A bigger challenge: focus on getting your candidate of choice elected to the White House, gaining a majority in both the Senate and House and stop making all this impeachment noise.

  55. after close scrunty,I have come to the conclusion that 9/10ths of the (federal)[note that I didn’t use the word “american”]politicians are a bunch of corrurpt take-it-in-the-ass-from-the-jews punks,that includes Nancy Pelosi.The “federal” government is not american,not acknowledging the Bill of Rights,U.S.Constitution,or the American Citizens.The “federal” government is an enemy of America,who passes laws(no right shall be abridged)that abridge our american rights several times daily,and further passes laws that hurt American citizens,their growth,inhibit their pursuit of life,happiness,and choice.If we can’t trust our elected public officials to do what we desire,then we must take the same steps that our founding fathers took to break the chains of tyranny and oppression.

  56. I wish they had the votes to impeach but the loal reps all flock back to them like their not hurting them like everyone else I wish they would listen to John Dean Our service men and weoman die every day and seems like no one cares.The word sounds so good but not going to happen no matter how bad we wont it to.

  57. Impeachable offenses: Treason

    United States constitution
    Article III, Section-3 paragraph 1
    “Treason against the United states shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

    By going into Iraq the Bush administration diverted limited national security resources from the real war against alQaida and bin Laden which is why they still exist. The Iraq excursion is giving alQaida “aid and comfort”.

    By continuing the drug war instead of regulating drugs and thus closing down the terrorism supporting drug black market both the Bush administration and his authoritarian partners in the Democratic Party, including Nancy Pelosi, they are giving stateless terrorists billions of dollars to buy bullets and bombs for use against American troops. Giving alQaida “aid and comfort”.

    For a dozen years alQaida has been flooding the west with heroin as an -asymmetric weapon- to addict western children and destabilize western culture. Bin Laden can do this only because the drugs are illegal and unregulated. The united support for the drug war by both the Democrats and Republicans amounts to giving stateless terrorism and alQaida “aid and comfort”.


    Nancy Pelosi belongs in the docket right next to Bush and Cheney.



    By going into Iraq the Bush administration diverted limited national security resources from the real war against alQaida and bin Laden which is why bin Laden and alQaida still exist. The Iraq excursion is giving alQaida

  59. That’s a real stretch, Pat. Are all resources against al-Qaeda being diverted? Is the Administration harboring known al-Qaeda operatives? Are they being provided funds? Food? Clothing? Shelter? Not completely eliminating them (which we know would be a short-term impossibility) does not give them aid and comfort.

    Try again.

  60. Pelosi appears to be turning out to be just as stubborn as Bush is. But neither one of them is JUST being stubborn. There has to be some motive to being politically stubborn. Unfortunately it occurs to me that the Democrats may not want to impeach Bush because they want to inherit the new Presidential powers for themselves. I sorry to say this explanation has plausibility. There is no confusion about what the American people want. The Democrats wouldn

  61. I don’t care if the Dems win office. I care if the Dems do something while in office. Aren’t we sick and tire of the Dems worrying about getting the office and not rolling back the problems we have because of this administration.

    The Supremes are tilted far right for the next generation, we are in a war we cannot win, our kids will be paying for this deficit forever, the trade policies and other middle class losses are gonna be hard to remedy.

    Time to think Green people. Time to abandon the Republican Light party.

  62. To Gottafang:

    Warrantless wiretapping- and there is a precedent for impeachment there.

  63. I wonder, does Ms. Pelosi think her stand on impeachment will garner her enough votes to win in her next election….maybe she should ask her constituents in California, how they feel about that. From what I can read they’re are quite a few of the “Democratic Leaders” in mega jeopardy of losing they’re next elections…
    You say you want a revolution…?

  64. Don’t we need senators to impeach? It appears no Dem senators will risk hindering their presidential ambitions.

  65. Legal opinion is divided as to whether or not “warrentless wiretapping” in the context of the war on terror, or during any war, breaks the law.

    Still, considering Democrats have a slim majority in the House, do you think that they would bring that up as an impeachment charge and make it stick?

  66. TO: 63. gottafang

    Since you ignored everything that I wrote to produce your, empty bunch of rhetorical questions, response I have nothing to discuss with you.

  67. What Pelosi doesnt seem to understand is that by NOT impeaching, the Democrats will lose support.

    Unfortunately, Pelosi and the Democrats have forgotten the reason they were elected is because we the people want things done NOW, not later, not 2009. But by mid-November, and after their meetings with AIPAC/Isreal, the Democrats decided they knew better than we did and basically became Republicans. They refuse to Impeach bush/cheney, the refuse to end the war, they basically refuse to do anything.

    I will not be voting for anyone who refuses to Impeach.

  68. TO: 64. Judith

    Its called authoritarianism and is takes two parties thinking as one to achieve it.

    George Washington warned us of this eventuality in his farewell address to the nation are our first president.

    George Washington: “Let me now take a more comprehensive view, & warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party, generally.”



    Or is it that the Democrats today are simply the liberal swing of the GOP?

  69. Political parties are festering social diseases on the body politic of America.

    (my apologies to Uncle Fester.)

  70. Impeachment is required under the constitution. No impeachment means the constitution is simply no longer being enforced by the two dominance parties that single-mindedly control America today.

    Anarchy in the congress will lead to anarchy on our streets. Guaranteed.

  71. I have given up all hope in the Democratic party. Truly, they are not worthy of my vote or my political contributions. Mrs. Pelosi imagines a Democrat in the White House in January 2009 with all the powers that they have allowed Bush to accumulate. I am imagining myself voting for Ron Paul in 2008, the only man besides Kucinich who has any integrity whatsoever on the ticket.

  72. Democrats were elected in 2006 to do two things (1) end the war (2) hold those responsible for the crimes in getting us there. They have done neither.

    Republicans Lugar and Warner are taking back leadership on the war. Pelosi and the dems had their chance.

    The democrats will lose in 2008 as they should. Their quisling betrayal needs to be made an example of.

  73. I have been voting for Ralph Nader since 1996. He is the only true Independent who has been right about most everything as far back as I can remember. (I’ve got scars from opposing the Vietnam war and supporting civil rights back before the single-party right-wing authoritarianism of today. When such political expression meant something to political parties.)

  74. Nancy needs to her eyes off the “prize” of the presidency, long enough to focus on doing what’s right for the country. that means defending the constitution and upholding the rule of law, and cleansing the white house of the gang of criminal thugs that currently occupy it.

  75. The joke is on us. We elect people to defend the Constitution and they ignore it and us. Even with the people’s support they don’t think it’s worth it to uphold the laws. It’s not about not having a backbone. It’s about their intention to have all that power the Republicans have had for themselves. I’m sure they justify it by saying that THEY will use it wisely.

  76. Given a choice between impeachment and subpeona, indictment, trial, conviction and sentencing, I know which I’d choose for Bushco. Do the Dems have the spine to get it done?

  77. hi all

    im an indonesian and live in indonesia so please excuse my english.
    i agree with pelosi. impeachment would be useless, not because of “oh, his life is only 2 years left, what might be happen in 2 years time?” well alot could happen.. but im thinking of ” oh, he only got 2 years left up there..let the people know that he can only make things worse in 2 years time”

    but, bush IS a small problem. the real problem is the next US president..that’s the real american problem (democrat’s problem maybe? if they want the first gentleman seat)

  78. Hafez,

    There are many problems which can and should be all dealt with here. It may look to you as if we are only thinking about impeachment, but in the US we have a Constitution which is the foundation of our democracy and when anyone breaks the laws which are all based on the Constitution, then our country stops being a Democracy. When I break a law I get taken to court and if I’m found guilty I pay a price. It is the same for all Americans. That is what our country is based on.

    So when you say Bush is not important you are not understanding that he is very important because he has changed our country from being a Democracy to being a Fascist state run by Corporations. If we want our Democracy back we must implement our Democratic Constitutional laws.

  79. Pelosi is from SanFrancisco where her safe incumbency is assured thanks to drug war disenfranchisement. The poor and minority interests have been effectively neutralized with apportionment redistribution of taking the urban poverty oppressed out of the cities to rural white district prisons. Middle-class/white urban politicians benefit by not having to campaign to poor or minority interests.

    Richard Nixon created the drug war in collusion with the right-wing Dixie-crats, (today’s DLC and Blue Dog Democrats). They created it to subvert and neutralize the electoral empowerment effects of the Voting Rights Act and the 26st Amendment. Considering the outcomes of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections their effort is now a complete success.

    America is a failed democracy. Nancy Pelosi is among the beneficiaries of America’s failed democracy.

  80. If he’s on the DC Madames list, will that do it? Less than “sexual relations with that woman” was good enough grounds to impeach Bill Clinton.

    Sources indicate Dick made the list. Check out the pod casted interview on my site, where Ms Palfrey speaks untethered.

  81. Impeach all of them for constantly violating our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
    They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
    They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
    They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov’t.
    Support Dr. Ron Paul and end this madness.
    Last link (unless Stark County District Library caves to the gov’t and drops the title):

  82. Have you not had enough, America? Why do you let them play you like fools? They will continue to lie because they know that all you will do is stamp your feets and scream for a little while, then you will go back to bed and sleep it all off.
    Impeach them yourselves and tell congress to take a hike.
    Show them you mean business, don’t just tell them or they will only grow worse.

  83. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a bunch of criminals in charge of government, and I’m 72 years old. The Bush Administration makes the mafia look like a church tea group. Cheney, Bush, and the rest of the crooks in this administration belong in prison! This entire administration should be impeached NOW! None of this criminal Bush Administration bullshit would be happening if congress was doing their job! Congress is violating the oath they took to uphold the constitution by allowing the criminals in the Bush Administration to break the law with impunity! Republicans in congress are aiding and abetting the Bush administration criminals! The people in this country need to wake up, and take matters into their own hands! It’s time to march on Washington with pitchforks and torches, and tar and feathers! These crooked bastards, who have highjacked the country, are not going to throw themselves into prison! It’s time for these crooks to realize that no government is immune from public pressure! Let’s get with the program! The alternative will be to bend over and kiss our collective ass’s goodby!

  84. Would someone please suck George W. Bush’s dick so that he can be impeached.

  85. My message sent to Speaker Pelosi today:

    Madam Speaker,
    Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a student at a high school could be expelled for having the audacity to hold up a sign that read “Bong Hits for Jesus”. The Supreme Court of the United States. Imagine that. How insane.
    And yet, it is your position that a regime which has driven this nation to the edge of moral, legal, political, and economic collapse “wouldn

  86. “The people in this country need to wake up, and take matters into their own hands! It

  87. Sedition and insurrection are natural human reactions to deprivation of democracy and the constitutional values of human rights, civil liberties and social justice.

    If defending the constitution of the United States from authoritarian subversion is considered sedition and insurrection, according to the laws passed by the authoritarians to keep themselves in power, then the powers that be need to look inward instead of striking out.

    I don’t advocate sedition and insurrection in America. I do guarantee that that is the only and inevitable outcome once the democracy and the constitution have been subverted by the right-wing auhoritarians who have usurped all political power.

    If the authoritarian Democrats and Republicans restore democracy and the constitution no one will be inspired to consider sedition and/or insurrection in America.

  88. Hmmm….Looks like Dave Suris is against free speech! That figures! The right wing lunitics like Dave S. always try to threaten, and scare, anyone whose opinion of what is happening differs from their own twisted logic. Well fine Dave, but understand that your words don’t scare me! I’m an old guy who served this country in Korea, and I don’t scare easily. You on the other hand seem out of touch with reality. How the hell could anyone in their right mind support an administration that lies whenever their lips move, and attack the constitution by breaking laws in plain view. Didn’t they take an oath of office? So Dave, go screw yourself, and try not to enjoy it.

    Have a nice day, SCUMBAG.

  89. Oh yes…Thanks to Pat Rogers for you comment. It makes perfect sense to me. I wonder how the loonies are going to try to attack such a well thought out and logical read? I’m inspired by your wisdom!

    Thank You

  90. My opinion of what’s happening is is that you’re clueless fucking dolt who is preaching the desirability of the violent overthrow of the government which just so happens to be a felony offense punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Hope they dust off the sedition laws and put you in prison.


  91. Thanks also to John A. Hechim for composing a brilliant letter to Madam Speaker.

    If poster # 100 is actually Nancy Pelosi, I’d like to see a bit more detail in your comment. I’m from California, and I voted for Nancy!

    I expected a lot more in terms of action concerning the criminal Bush Administration! I’m really becoming worried about the lack of action.

  92. Well, well….Dave is back…spewing more and more violent rhetoric.
    Take a pill Dave….then check yourself into the nearest psyciatric facility! The Rage you’re displaying indicates to me that you are as nutty as a fruit cake!

    You are a one trick pony! all you can do is shout sedition! Do yourself a favor an read comment # 98. If you still don’t understand, then just continue to be dumb Dave.

    I won’t be responding to anything else you write. It is impossible to rationalize with someone who is irrational!

    Get help Dave

  93. I’m of the belief that if both we and our elected officials (Pelosi, Reed, do not press forward with charges and impeachment, then history is going to ask why we let this happen.This is our moment, and we’re doing nothing. like a flock of stupid, blinking sheep.

  94. Hey richyrich, welcome aboard! I agree with you completely! It is
    up to the people to take action when our elected officials don’t! Is that not doing our duty to protect the constitution and our freedom? You bet it is! People like Dave Surles just don’t get it!

  95. The Democrats say that Impeachment would be a waste of time, the reason they are so busy is because they are wasting all their time reacting to the incompetence and evil managment of the offices these liars and murders hold. Therby securing their administration. (Smells like a Turd Blossom in here.)

    What’s a President have to do to get IMPEACHED!! I’m so dissapointed. We have a moral and LEGAL obligation to do this!


  96. TO: 101. ChingarraSan

    Thanks. I glad you appreciate the perspective.

    Insurrection is and always has been a reaction to oppression and the deprivation of popular redress by the powers that be. Politicians who truly know that they are working with and for the population they serve never even consider making such laws as 97. Dave Surls believes exist today.

    America is a failed democracy today. Such failures of democratic institutions never go unanswered. It is the fundamental nature of humane people to advance and expand freedom not to diminish and suppress freedom.

  97. Dave , I just read what you wrote and it directly applies to buSh and
    chenEy. They have already overthrown our US government. buSh is in office illegally by being appointed by the supreme court, which is not in the constitution. Since being in office this administration has fixed every election since. Wiretapped American citzens without going to FISA. Outed
    a CIA udercover agent during his WAR with Iraq. This is Treason, plain and deadly. So if you are so concerned about our government being destroyed you should start at the 2000 selection of this knucklehead buSh and everything he has UNacomplished since. So put your convictions where your mouth is.

  98. TO: Dave Surls

    You are sounding more desperate and uncivilized with each post. If you can’t defend your position with intelligent discourse it only proves that there is no intelligent argument to support your position. Your right-wing political values are supported with ignorance and violence which are the antithesis of American constitutional values of human rights, civil liberties and social justice.

    You will never threaten, coerse or intimidate free Americans. To try simply makes you look foolish.

  99. The revolution will not be blogged.

    Congress will act only when there are large angry crowds at their door step. the only thing that got congress to act on civil rights was large crowds on their doorstep. the only thing that got congress to act on Vietnam was large crowds on their doorstep.

    When the people publishing these blogs encourage Americans to do more than simply write blog posts and send the blogs our organizing dollars we will see some real organizing and some actual public discourse on the streets of America. More than this empty virtual discourse on the internet.

    The left leaning blogerati of America are subverting our real democratic institutions by not encouraging greater public action in the real world.

    Organizing a blog is not organizing protests. Get the people into the streets and the politicians will then listen. Blog hits are not protest.

    The revolution will not be blogged.

  100. Whatever you may think about Pelosi’s strategy or decision-making, we should at least allow that she’s in a bit of hard place. There’s no arguing AT ALL that Bush and Cheney need to be held accountable for their actions. But there certainly is an argument – and even if you disagree, you have to allow that it’s a good faith consideration – that there might be better ways to skin the proverbial cat.

    In any case, as Bob Geiger notes, it ain’t like Pelosi doesn’t know or acknowledge the truth about this administration. A good read.

  101. TO: 115. Sam Smith

    “But there certainly is an argument – and even if you disagree, you have to allow that it

  102. Drop rotten peaches on the local doorstep of your congress critters on July 4th.

    July 4th at 1pm EST nationally.

    A national impeach Bush protest as a modern Boston Tea Party.

    Spread the word.

  103. Someone get this Israel Whore, along with the Zionists Boxer and Feinstein and the Zionist-lovers OBAMA and CLINTON the F— out of office and IMPEACH their asses along with the scum of the earth and monkey spunk.

  104. Dave Surls-You OBVIOUSLY never READ the Constitution-Have You> You mindless American Dolt.

  105. Hey Dave-Sedition this you BALLESS dolt. When the F— have you stood up for ANYTHING in your ENTIRE worthless life-Besides waiting for that last Chevy Suburban sale with the free cell phone. You are a CUNT. You KNOW it. We KNOW it. Now get the Fuck lost.

  106. Here Smackoff:

    Friday, June 29, 2007
    Senator Mark Dayton Confirms V.P. Dick Cheney Gave Shootdown Orders on 9/11

    Blistering testimony of Senator Mark Dayton before the 9-11 Commission chairs Kean, Hamilton and NORAD. Senator Mark Dayton calls NORAD liars and the 9/11 Commission “not worth and Enron pension”. “You lied to congress, you lied to the American people”.

    Sedition MY ASS-This is war!

  107. “Madam Speaker, I implore you, Impeach this regime now…”

    They would if they could (for purely partisan reasons), but they have no case, they know it, and there ain’t going to be any impeachment.

    And, if any leftys go for the tar and feathers, they’re going to get stomped down hard.

    Deal with it.

  108. “Sedition MY ASS-This is war!”

    Yeah, right. As if you sissies had the stones.


  109. The revolution will not be blogged

    Drop rotten peaches on the local doorstep of your congress critters on July 4th.

    July 4th at 1pm EST nationally.

    A national impeach Bush protest as a modern day Boston Tea Party.

    Spread the word.

    The revolution will not be blogged so get off your asses and do something in the real world.

  110. If they don’t IMPEACH pelosi ,obama, MUST BE jailed along with bushit, cheney and ALL those CORRUPT politicians

  111. Why won’t you let me post links with information about the murders that bushit and cheney commited on 9/11/2001??????

  112. the democrats fail to realize that their base is the pro-impeachment, anti-war crowd. sure they have some politico worms burrowing into their phone banks and such, but the people who walk the streets, that scuff their cars with bumperstickers, that carry signs and go to rallies, although a vanishingly slim minority are the engine that drives the train. that engine has been abused and betrayed. if the dem strategy is to take the whitehouse in 08, they’ve already blown it. the party will split – in fact, it already has. dems suck. if Ron Paul moves to an independent ticket close to the election, and chooses a Kucinich or Gravel as a running mate – there will be a landslide for a 3rd party.

  113. Just remember, as we tappity tap on our keyboards, Bush and Cheney are busy destroying evidence of lawbreaking, cronyism and treason. Hmm, maybe that’s why they keep claiming their outlandish executive priveleges about turning over papers that would prove their mafia styles of breaking laws and lying. There are no papers… there were papers… but they have been and continue to be destroyed. And surely they have the very best computer geeks deep sixing anything incrimminating from White House computers. Oh I forgot… they were illegally using GOP computers. Fat chance anyone will get their hands on that!

  114. No matter where you look in American government for salvation of the country, Bush & Cheney have the branch or department stacked.

  115. I do not agree with all that Bush has done- I do believe, however, that we would be fighting the terrorists daily over here by now if it were not for him. When he is gone, they will come…
    Pelosi is an overy-outspoken woman with an eye on future presidency. Just imagine the REAL danger with someone of her caliber in the White House!!!
    Her views will change as she goes along as with all politicians. She needs to learn a little more about tact and she will when she puts her hat in the ring for presidency. Watch, and wait! The direction she is moving is so obvious. Come on people… GET REAL! ~Howdy

  116. “I do not agree with all that Bush has done- I do believe, however, that we would be fighting the terrorists daily over here by now if it were not for him. When he is gone, they will come

  117. If a blow job is an impeachable offense then fucking the nation and using the Bill of Rights as toilet paper should be impeachable offenses too.

  118. But impeaching Bush and Cheney would win the Democrats the election in 2008. It would prove the Democrats have a backbone, which so far they haven’t proven. They are slowly proving they can’t accomplish any more than the Republicans, and so they may lose those that voted for them in 2006.

  119. Nancy Pelosi has eschewed any further plastic surgery; she doesn’t want to go about the Capitol sporting a greying Van Dyke.


  120. It is not the job of the House of Representatives to impeach. It is their job to investigate in order to see if there are grounds for impeachment and, if it concludes there are, to send it to the Senate. The Senate will then determine whether to impeach or not.

    For Pelosi and the House to not even investigate makes them totally inept and deficient in their duty as Bush and Cheney have certainly given enough reason to at least investigate.

    It would be simply another black-eye for the United States should our Congress do nothing (not even invetigate) against Cheney and Bush only to watch an International Court of Law find them guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. That would make our Congress appear as accomplices in their crimes.

  121. The congress is investigating. How about the Jack Abramoff and Valerie Plame investigations which revealed a lot about Bush, Cheney and their cronies. There are ongoing investigations in congress as subpeonas are issued for records and people in the administration. Bush and Cheney are stonewalling and sandbagging all of the subpeonas under the guise of executive privelege. To get around the stonewalling will take time, but of course, time is not on congress’ side… they have less than two years to bring Bush and Cheney to justice. By that time, Bush and Cheney will have met their tenure and will be waving bye-bye from Air Force I and II. They will both be smiling as if they did a lot for this country. Truth is, they did a lot [against] this country. I think they also should be pursued for crimes against the US and the world after they leave. It is the only way to restore American confidence in their government again. It would prove to Americans that no matter how much Bush and Cheney flipped the bird to our laws, the law will catch up with them and prosecute. But then, maybe that’s why Bush purchased 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay. Didn’t most Nazi war crimminals escape to So. America? Makes me wonder if Secret Service has to protect him if he lives outside of the country. And to think that taxpayers will be putting money in Bush Cheney pension coffers for the rest of their lives for raping Americans, the US, and the world, nauseates me.

  122. I have to laugh at all of the fools out there who thought that turning over Congress to the Democrats was going to make any difference. Thinking people could see and smell this one from a mile away.

    They have, almost unanimously, gone along with every plank in Bush/Cheney’s fascist agenda. They knew that Bush was lying about WMD in Iraq a month before the invasion, and they did and said nothing. Durbin admitted a while ago that he and everybody else on the Senate Intelligence Committee knew that Bush was lying, but they kept their mouths shut. And the Democrats have voted for every bill to fund this genocidal outrage. Their kabuki dance on the latest spending bill should have fooled no one. At least (for the first time that I can recall) John Edwards had it right. They should have kept throwing the same bill with the timeline on Bush’s desk, and let him keep vetoing it, so that HE would be the one to cut off the troops’ funding. The Repugs did this with welfare reform when Slick Willie was in the Oval highchair.

    And here we are, with about 16 months left in the 24/7/365 event that has become the presidential campaign. No sooner has the stealer of the most recent election been announced before the last poll has closed, and you’re getting the leading candidates for the next election, four years away, shoved in your face. There’s no escape.

    Unless, that is, the people of this country finally wake up and abolish the federal government, as well as the Constitution that established it.

  123. This is for Hosea McAdoo.

    You were defending your country in the 60s? From who or what, exactly? The Vietnamese? The Commies? Did somebody invade the U.S.? I must have missed it. When I hear anybody engage in this desperate attempt to distinguish soldiers from Mafia hit men, it makes me want to cough up my bootheels. You were not defending this country. You were a brainwashed dupe for corporate interests and munitions manufacturers– nothing more.

    The military does not now, and never has, had a damned thing to do with defending this country, you, the Constitution, or anybody’s phony “freedoms.” If it did, everybody in the Bush administration would in prison, or worse. This country is so free that if I were the dictator of a banana republic, I’d be scouring EBay and Amazon for an “American Democracy” starter kit.

    Major General Smedley Darlington Butler figured it out and exposed it in his writings a long time ago. So what’s your excuse for being this ignorant about this racket?

  124. She’s not doing anything else, may as well waste all that time impeaching. Even if he’s impeached on his last day it would be worth it.

  125. If ever there was a president worth impeaching it’s Bush / Cheney. I don’t know what Pelosi is smoking but she has an obligation to THE PEOPLE to do what’s right or resign if she can’t handle the big decisions. Pelosi in my opinion is a mistake as speaker and will be remembered in history that way if she doesn’t save this country from this dictatorship now in place.