Mike Gravel/Ron Paul 2008: don’t settle for the lesser insane

By Martin Bosworth

I’ve decided that no matter what we do in 2008, we’re going to end up electing someone who’s going to end up making a lot of crazy decisions and saying a lot of crazy things. So, bearing that in mind, I realized that there was only one course of action…we had to elect a ticket that was gung-ho about their crazy, and not at all shy about expressing it. Thus, I see the only option now is to endorse the 100 percent concentrated lunacy of Mike Gravel and Ron Paul for 2008.

Read more about my decision at Boztopia.

(Yes, I’m kidding.)

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  1. You’re kidding? Then sir, you must be the insane one. Sane-looking candidates look well composed for a reason: it’s an act. The things they say sound rational for a reason: it’s the same rediculous political rhetoric they’ve been spouting for years.
    And in a world where every “sane” answer has done nothing but screw over the American people, I think we need a little of that Ron Paul | Mike Gravel crazy. Even if you don’t agree with their policies, you have to agree that what we need more than anything right now is to stir up the pot a bit, and begin to dissolve the greatest problem our country faces: Deeply Rooted Government Corruption.

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