House members opposed to energy reform stand down for now

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged that Speaker Pelosi was having to come down on two of her senior Democrats in the House because they were trying to strip away some states’ ability to enforce environmental regulations stricter than federal regulations. Yesterday, Rep. Dingell (D-Michigan) and Rep Boucher (D-Virgina) backed down and submitted a final draft that had none of the controversial language they’d initially demanded (story here)

Unfortunately, both men plan to bring up the pre-emption issue, as well as MPG standards and coal-to-liquid fuel, back up when the House tries to tackled a comprehensive global warming bill this fall. Both men are also planning to continue talking with Speaker Pelosi on these contentious issues in hopes of reaching a compromise consensus. Only time will tell what really comes out of the discussions.

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  1. Boucher’s position in this wasn’t really popular even in VA, Brian. In his home district, maybe, but that’s about it. So I guess he didn’t have so much to lose on this one.

  2. Pelosi seems to be doing pretty well keeping the troops in line. I wish she had 20 more progressives in the caucus to keep these retrograde GOP-Lites in line. No, make that 40.