Pelosi a slave to moderate Dems: Novak

GOP Chatty Cathy Bob Novak says that Nancy Pelosi isn’t a left-wing loon at all… she’s in fact beholden to a handful of Blue Dog (i.e., moderate) Democrats. Count Novakula writes in his latest newsletter:

[Pelosi] is painted by Republicans as a left-wing extremist, but the truth is that the left wing of House Democrats complain privately that she is far too cautious. They grumble that nothing is being accomplished in Congress because Pelosi is far too attentive to 20 or so moderates in the Democratic caucus — especially those who overturned Republicans last year in marginal districts.

I wonder if maybe Novak is miffed that Nancy won’t go nuts and unleash Kucinich, Conyers, and Waxman to impeach Bush & Cheney in a Dem feeding frenzy, because that will set the stage for the inevitable revenge impeachment proceedings against President Hillary Clinton. That’s what Novak and all the neocon chimps want: an excuse to go apeshit in ’09. Henry Hyde made it plain why the wingers went after Bubba in ’98. I think Pelosi—to the bitterness of grassrooters slobbering for justice, and the chagrin of conservatives spoiling for a rumble—will bide her time and let the Shrub and his minions be to avoid that whole juvenile retaliation bullshit.

Novak also keeps up his rah-rah’ing for GOP White House hopeful Fred Thompson, this time by taking an easy, steaming dump on the faltering Sen. John McCain.

While [McCain] claims that everything is “fine” in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, events strongly suggest otherwise. The former frontrunner is now in deep trouble. With respect to the positive signs a presidential campaign can point to at this early stage — fundraising, national polls, state polls, endorsements — McCain finds himself almost empty-handed.

Then Novak whips out some amusing metaphors to describe Uncle Hulka and the GOP also-rans: “If Thompson is the charging bear, McCain is the slowest of the three campers fleeing him — the most likely to be devoured.”

And you thought Republicans didn’t do drugs.

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