Whose facts are the facts…?

White House press secretary Tony Snow had a little set-to with CBS News anchor Harry Smith about George W. Bush’s “leadership” at the recent G8 conference. Smith had asked Snow if Bush has become a lame duck president. Snow defended his boss – and in the process admonished Smith about not trying to have his own facts:

MR. SNOW: Well, think of it — let’s flip it around. The president just came back from a G-8 session where, you know, when everybody went they said, “Well, here’s George W. Bush. The whole world’s against him on climate change.” Guess what: He goes to the G-8, leads the way on climate change, leads the way on development, leads the way on AIDS —

MR. SMITH: No, I think that’s following on climate change. He’s following on climate change.

MR. SNOW: No, no, I don’t think so, Harry.

MR. SMITH: These other countries have set the table for this for years. The president is late to this table. You can’t flip that around.

MR. SNOW: I hate to tell you — no, Harry, you can’t have your own facts. We’ve got a better record than the rest of the world. We have more rapid rate of improvement —

MR. SMITH: And it should have an even better record than we already have, and you know that.

Well, if Snow had accused Smith and CBS of “making up facts” or “using facts that aren’t facts” he migt have been on to something. Let’s face it – making up facts and using facts that aren’t facts are things the White House knows WAY more about than CBS. In fact, the only time lately CBS has been accused of using facts that aren’t facts was when Dan Rather got swift boated by Bill Burkett – who may/may not have been a Bush/Rove operative.

As for Bush’s “leadership” at the G8 conference, well, Reuters evidently has their own facts, too:

The declaration by President Bush basically restates the U.S. classic line on climate change — no mandatory reductions, no carbon trading and vaguely expressed objectives.” – EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas

Given Bush’s environmental and energy records, as well as his history of facts relating to the Iraq War, it seems pretty important that everybody get their facts straight.

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  1. Tony Snow’s “facts” are like Rove”real numbers”

    I don’t trust anything the White House say except good morning and even then I have to look at my watch.

  2. It’s good to see the press corps acting like, you know, reporters, at least. Four years ago they’d have been afraid to dare challenge the White House on something like this.

    Let’s hope they keep it up.

  3. I think the press core standing up started with David ????? of NBC.He publicly stated that he was ashamed of his behavior of ignoring things and he was going to be a journalist again. He also said he didn’t care who got pissed at him for it.

    Plus I think they all saw that Keith didn’t get fired and his ratings went up.