Novak: Large number of Dem insiders believe Obama will be ‘08 nominee

Nuggets from Bob Novak‘s takes on the recent Democratic and Republican debates in New Hampshire:

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, whom Novak accidentally identifies as a Republican, “never looked better physically,” he writes. “She is slow-walking her way toward the nomination, which is often a path leading to defeat.”

* Why defeat? Because Novak reveals that “[t]here are a surprisingly large number of Democratic insiders who now believe [Sen. Barack] Obama will be the nominee.” He says Limbaugh’s Magic Negro is “still a little rough around the edges, but getting better.”

* On Gov. Bill Richardson, Novak has less than stellar things to say. Oh, who’m I kidding, he rips him a new one. To wit: “He appeared totally unprepared at the debate. It was a continuation of his disastrous performance on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ last Sunday — perhaps the worst performance in the show’s history.” Ouch. There’s more… “Longtime Richardson-watchers say he has been flying by the seat of his pants his whole career, and this time he crashed and burned.”

* And that brings us to Novak’s odds-on favorite to succeed King George, Sen. Fred Thompson. Novak just can’t gush enough about Uncle Hulka, despite the fact that Thompson wasn’t at the debate since he hasn’t even announced yet, and trails in most polls. Looking into his crystal ball, Novak matter-of-factly asserts, “Thompson now leads in the futures markets, with Giuliani and Romney close behind and McCain a distant fourth place.” We could truncate that sentence to simply, “Thompson now leads … with Giuliani,” because as I mentioned before, that will be the 2008 GOP ticket if Karl Rove has his way, and he’s certainly already clued in his friend Bob.

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  1. Why does Bob Novak still have a job? This guy has been wrong so many times, and harmful in so many ways as the cheerleader for the Bush Administration to get away with so much.