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Al Gore for president?

Above the rising din that is Indecision ’08, voices are being raised. Here’s what they’re saying:

Al Gore lovers nearly turned his Borders book signing appearance into a political rally Wednesday afternoon.

“Run Al, Run!” many chanted as Gore headed to his seat at the State Street (Chicago) store. But, disappointing hundreds in the crowd, he reiterated that he would not enter the 2008 presidential race.

Should Al Gore run for POTUS in 2008? Maybe. Maybe not….


– Gore is clearly on the right side of important issues, and he’s proving, sometimes dramatically, that he has found a way to grab the imagination of the American people now that perhaps he couldn’t find in 2000.

Gore seems willing to take risks and stances and defend them against the Republican smear machine.

– The Republicans’ “best chance” candidate, Fred Thompson, is a stick figure at best. Gore looks like a super hero compared to him.

Maybe not:

– The Democrats have shown that they are not a party who supports their runner ups.

– Gore, while he might be able to raise money quickly, would be at a distinct campaign war chest disadvantage to candidates like Hillary Clinton.

– Al might stiffen up into the wooden and often indecisive seeming automaton he was in 2000 – a change that would be more disastrous for the Democratic party than the Dukakis campaign… as John Harris of Politico claims:

A more poised, focused and self-confident campaign surely would have won the election and not just the popular vote in 2000. As the chosen leader of his party, Gore had a responsibility to wage that campaign.

So what should Al do? Here in his own words he admits what he should have done:

“If I had to do it all over again, I’d just let it rip. To hell with the polls, the tactics and all the rest. I would have poured out my heart and my vision for America’s future.” Al Gore

But as we know, hindsight’s always 20/20. What should Al Gore do now? In 2008?

He should decide. And he should make his decision public. And he should stick to it.

Right now the Democrats need more unity – not more division….

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  1. He should continue to write his books and stay out of politics. He has no claim to ever run for prez again. He failed to CARRY HIS HOME STATE last time he ran. He cast the deciding vote as sitting VP on a senate that would have made him prez by invalidating the 2000 supreme court election ruling that falsely gave the white house to the bush crime family.

    We also don’t need any more republicrat/dempublican celebdidates in the 2008 election. We already have too many of those. What we need are more third party candidates and what we need do is support em come election day by voting for em. VOTE FOR ANYONE NOT A DEM OR REPUB!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. Do I love Al Gore? No. He was wrong a lot the first time around.

    Do I think that Al 2.0 is a different animal than the original? Maybe.

    Do I think Al 2.0 is preferable to the current crop of Dems? I’d take him over Hil and Obama in a heartbeat. I’d have to think long and hard about him vs. Edwards. Richardson? Still don’t know enough to say. And for the moment the mainstream press doesn’t think there’s anybody else running, so why waste my time?

    At the very least, I think he’d be good for the campaign. If Al jumped in and let ‘er rip right now it might force some of the front-runners to break out of their stifling candi-bot poses. They don’t seem to grasp how insufferably artificial they seem….

  3. NOOOOOOOOO Al Gore he promoted the heck out of the NAFTA Project and I see he gets around to all those hidden secret meetings. Like the meetings he sneaks around at while helping Israels Black OPS Zoinist abduct our soldiers while masked as Ninja’s….

    NO WAY!