Fred Thompson fan club grows like a rampant tumor

A few days ago I mentioned how Bob Novak was hyping Fred Thompson as the hottest candidate in the race for the GOP nomination, and with just cause: Karl Rove has been sticking his electoral feelers out via one of his monkeyboys, and as everyone knows, Karl’s sweaty touch is golden. He’s also got his fingers in the Giuliani campaign, but methinks with all of Rudy’s dirt and skeletons, he’ll be relegated to the VP slot on a ticket headed by Reagan-Bot Thompson.

The lovefest for Thompson continues, with Novak again penning a fellatiop-ed talking up the former senator from Tennessee. Novak needs no Viagra at his late age as mere thoughts of Thompson’s booming monotone are enough to give him a raging hard-on: “…Thompson at the dinner table confirmed the widespread perception inside the party of his potential to be an extraordinary candidate.”

Mike Allen of ‘The Politico’ sings of “a stream of former Bush-Cheney aides and supporters who are signing on with Thompson, in some cases quietly.” He also just happens to mention that GOP heavyweight talking head Mary Matalin “will be advising Thompson.” Without pay, even.

Even Agence-France Presse – a foreign wire service – gushes, “Thompson looms over Republican debate.”

All this for a guy who hasn’t done much aside from serve a term in the Senate, grunt in a few movies and shows, date a few hotties, and sound like a redneck James Earl Jones.

To top it all off, to really convince you that Fred Thompson is the Rove-picked successor to George W. Bush, who will (if elected) pardon the whole gang of criminals in one of his first acts as president in 2009, remember that Thompson feels Scooter Libby got the shaft and isn’t ashamed to cry it from the mountaintop:

Mr. Thompson, who has viewed Mr. Libby’s prosecution as a severe miscarriage of justice, told Fox News recently that if he were president, he would pardon Mr. Libby, the former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney who was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in the Valerie Plame Wilson case.

Now that he is on the verge of declaring his presidential bid, Mr. Thompson may have the opportunity to do just that.

Springing someone from the slammer would be an unusual presidential platform. But Mr. Thompson, a former senator from Tennessee and Washington lobbyist, has been adamant that Mr. Libby was the victim of an overzealous prosecutor, wrongheaded justice and a bungling C.I.A. “It makes me mad as the devil just to think about it,” he has said.

Keep in mind that Thompson didn’t even know Libby until midway through Scooty’s court ordeal. Continuing:

Championing the Libby cause could further endear Mr. Thompson to some conservatives. It would also carry obvious political risks, but Mr. Thompson has said he doesn’t care.

“He doesn’t care.” Hm. Wonder what else a President Thompson wouldn’t care about…

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  1. And what did he do during those 18 feckin’ years that gave you a chubby? No cheating… no looking up Wikipedia, or Googling. Name something, ANYTHING he had a part in as a lobbyist other than show up at functions or closed-door meetings, firmly grip some hands, utter a few choice political keywords and regale impressionable dullards with middling tales from Hollywood?

    Yeah, thought you’d be stumped.

    Being a D.C. lobbyist is like being a business consultant. Any half-assed stooge with enough gall can bullshit his way to decent success. But if you’re a celebrity, you hardly have to do a thing other than show up.

  2. Many, many years ago, Sissy Spacek starred in a movie called “Marie,” which dramatized the story of Marie Rigghanti, the chairman of Tennessee’s parole board who blew the whistle on then-Governor Ray Blanton’s “clemencies for cash” operation. FDT not only represented her in the real-life case (which she won), but played himself in the movie.

    But between that achievement and being on “Law and Order,” I can’t name a single thing the guy has done of note. Besides marrying a blonde 25 years his junior. 🙂

  3. Great post, Mike. The fact that this guy has been sniffing around K-Street for any length of time should be enough to negate any word that spews from his greedy, ole’ has-been actor’s mouth.

    The last thing this country needs is an actor acting all presidential, we must have the real thing, or I do believe we’re done as a free society.

    K-Street must be bulldozed under, and a children’s park and perhaps an urban veggie garden put in its place. Also, I’m guessing another fake Prez will precipatate the entire country to just plain, flat out, STOP paying Federal Income Tax. Money makes the world go around…………..anyone for a cup of Organic Green Tea?????

    One last thing: SS at 2 & 4, reading your posts has made me feel unclean.

  4. SS @8……….I’m not comfortable answering anatomical questions. However, since you asked, your tongue may be stuffed a little too far up, ahem, something.

    The ironic thing about your irony is that it doesn’t translate as irony to those of us who are unfamiliar with your style. Why not brainstorm a bit with your Ph.D clubmates and come up with a solution.

  5. It’s hard to imagine that my comments were taken as an endorsement for Thompson, but I’ll try to be less subtle in the future.

    Then again, you wrestled with the Cheney joke site and comments on that, as well. So maybe that’s just not your style.

  6. Where and HOW did you indicate the “cheney joke” was a joke? Also, it appears that I was not the only one who “Wrestled” with it.

    Since you are wrestling with my last comment on your style, I should point out that it, too, is irony. Then again, I do believe I demonstrated that in my comment.


  7. “Mike Allen of ‘The Politico’ sings of ‘a stream of former Bush-Cheney aides and supporters who are signing on with Thompson, in some cases quietly.’ He also just happens to mention that GOP heavyweight talking head Mary Matalin ‘will be advising Thompson.’ Without pay, even.”

    Of all the great stuff in this post, Martin, THIS, for me at least, is the smoking gun. The fact that the rats are already leaving SS Bush and crawling onto SS Thompson throws up a red flag that a blind bull would respond to.

    And we know how rats are – they live and work in secret hideouts and “undisclosed locations” – and spread the pestilence that is the corporatocratic plague on all our houses….

    Thanks for alerting the real media….