We’re #96! We’re #96!…

It took some searching, but it seems we’ve found common ground with Iran.

We’re ranked just ahead of them on Global Peace Index. We’re #96 – they’re #97.

Out of 121 nations ranked using 24 indicators ranging from involvements in wars in the last 5 years and defense spending to domestic violent crimes, prison populations and distrust by citizens of each other, we rank about midway in the bottom third of nations, ahead of Iran, but below Yemen.

The countries at the bottom? Well there’s Iraq.

But just ahead of Iraq stand Israel and Russia, two countries plagued by terrorism and domestic strife.

The most peaceful country?

Norway. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Really. Have you ever heard anyone diss Norway?

The most important element contributing to a country’s peacefulness? How about stable incomes for citizens and democratic rule?

“Democracy didn’t actually correlate with peace, but a well-functioning democracy did. Efficient, accountable government seems to be the leading determinant of peace. Beyond that, income helps.”

Fifteen of the top 20 most peaceful nations are in Western Europe, and countries with higher income appeared to lead to higher levels of peace….

Leo Abruzzese,

North American editorial director, intelligence unit, The Economist Group

So it seems peace and prosperity go hand in hand.

As John Lennon might say, Imagine that….

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  1. I am sorry but Imagine is the one song I really do not like…sweetness of melody with a hook… but the lyrics…oh please. I rather like thinking about Heaven…

  2. Norway? Those reindeer- and lutefisk-eatin’ seasonal depressives? The only reason they’re not killing each other is they’re too despondent, and most of the time it’s too dark to find each other anyway. It’s a wonder they keep breeding. When the whole family’s not lolling naked in the sauna they’re leaping around naked in the snow. What’s that about? Also, they keep hunting whales, which should automatically put them in the bottom third. Killing whales is like killing pandas with baseball bats. They’re taking it all out on the whales. And has their ever been a decent rock ‘n’ roll band out of Norway? Nope. The Swedes have had to take up all the slack.
    I rest my case.
    Actually, I’ve been meaning to see if I’m on the no-fly list, but I hear to get out of the U.S. now you’ve got to apply to the Department of Homeland Security (Sieg!… sorry). They’ll never let me out of here.

  3. I got stuck overnight at Stansted Airpor in London last year and hit it off with a Norwegian girl. We got around to politics at one point, and she started tearing the US apart for Bush and Iraq. I couldn’t disagree with her on most of it.

    The best I could muster against Norway was “At least we can go outdoors during the winter.”