That Tinky Winky is at it again…

From the speaking ill of the dead dept.:

The child rights ombudsman for Poland is currently investigating Tinky Winky.

Ewa Sowinska is out to discover whether the big purple purse carrying Teletubby is promoting homosexuality to infants and children.
“It would be good for a group of psychologists to talk to children about this. We need to examine this. If inappropriate attitudes have been promoted, we need to react,” she said.

Reaction in her own country has not been particularly supportive. The deputy speaker of the Polish Parliament, a conservative Catholic, said Sowinska’s suggestions “could make the ombudsman’s office look ‘ridiculous.'”

Some Americans, of course, have had their own issues with the Tinkster.

When Teletubbies – a show seen in 120 countries and translated into 45 languages – first was broadcast in the US in 1999, no less an expert on homosexuality than the late Jerry Falwell raised the same kinds of objections, claiming that Tinky Winky was “modeling the gay lifestyle.”
Tinky Winky

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