Sirius CEO Karmazin: we suck less than XM…

Sirius satellite radio CEO Mel Karmazin met with share holders of his embattled company yesterday and apologized for the decline in stock values of his company.

However, he pointed out that rival – and potential merger partner – XM’s stock was in worse shape. “We suck less” were his exact words – just the sort of intelligent analysis of the satellite market’s problems we were all hoping for.

He also indicated that Sirius might be interested in hiring Don Imus – you remember him – he’s the DJ who lost his job because he referred to the Rutgers women’s basketball team using disgusting, degrading, and racist slurs. That will allow him to team Imus with Howard Stern – Sirius’s biggest “star,” – and another guy who refers to women in disgusting and degrading slurs. Maybe together the two can do a bloc of programming called (forgive me in advance for the disgusting nature of this) the “Sluts and Hos Shows.”

Meanwhile, XM, whom Sirius is trying to merge with so it can ruin the best music programming in radio with its Clear Channel style narrow play lists of Payola egg suckers, keeps tottering along thinking that its high quality and wide variety of musical offerings will attract listeners from a public who thinks American Idol represents the best music being made in America.

Sometimes I weep for my country’s culture….