Olbermann: Reid + Pelosi = Neville Chamberlain

For a few moments there it seemed like the new Dem “leadership” had really gotten its act together. Now, though, it begins to look like they’re the very gutless dupes that Republicans have been telling us they are for so long. They have “reached out” to President Bush, and using a mandate backed by a good 70% of the public they have forced him to by god accept a blank check to continue the occupation of Iraq.

That’ll show him who’s boss.

Keith Olbermann lays a well-deserved caning on them in his latest Special Comment.

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  1. Oh yeah, they deserved it all right.

    Anyone else but me noticing all the government programs coming up for renewal in late 2008/early 2009? Nice, isn’t it, how Bush et al have made sure that the next president will get all the blame.

    Unless we (us here at S&R, the blogosphere in general, alternative and main stream media) keep people’s eyes on the proverbial ball, Bush may yet get away with a positive legacy instead of a wholly negative one.

  2. Bush haters are so blinded by their self delusional hatred that now they are all in a tizzy about how history will paint his tenure. Heaven forbid that the leftist wing nuts might get blamed for what comes after Bush. Clinton sold out the country for eight years and Bush had to make a stand to protect our citizens here at home. What don’t you liberals get about taking responsibilty for protecting our way of life. There are no touchy-feely solutions to problems beyond your mental scope of understanding. If democrates win in 2008 we as a country will be in grave danger. Solution = Vote for Rudy or dig a bomb shelter.

  3. Not to drag you away from the task of reducing everything to a simple label, but where does the idea come from that getting us out of a disaster occupation in Iraq is about “wingnuts” and “liberals.”

    Never mind that I’m hardly a liberal – at least, not in the sense that you’re using the term. I’m a lot closer to the center than I am Pelosi, and on a number of issues I’m pretty “conservative,” whatever that word means anymore.

    But the latest polls coming out of Iowa, for instance, show that a significant majority of REPUBLICANS want us out of Iraq NOW.

    I’m sorry, but this is not a liberal v conservative issue. It’s not a Clinton issue, either. I don’t care if the last president was a genius or a moron, Lincoln or a trained Bichon. That has no bearing on whether THIS president is competent or not. And hey, when all is said and done Giuliani may get elected and may eventually deserve to get his face carved on Rushmore. I’d be okay with that – we could use a great president right now, from whichever party.

    But if you’re serious about wanting a better country, you really need to unhitch from the idea that Bush is anything other than what he is: one of the worst presidents in American history, regardless of party (and yeah, there are Dems on that list).

  4. Rudy has a LOT to prove to people like me, who were around New England when he was NY mayor. He can’t run on 9/11 forever, and his “tell my wife I’m divorcing her in the same press conference I tell the rest of the world I’m divorcing her” past is already coming back to haunt him.

    I know otherwise reasonable people who swear that, if you want to live under a police state, you should by all means elect Rudy to be President.

  5. Thank you Sam. You are correct this is not a liberal, conservative, democrat or republican issue; it is a national issue of paramount concern. I applaud Keith and anyone else that stands up to voice their disgust with our government. That is after all what makes us America.

    I have become very weary of people whose comments consist of the hatred towards liberals or anyone else that is not following Bush off the cliff. It shows me that the authors of these comments are not educating themselves on world issues. They seem to be very content in their cocoon and staying an ignorant putz.

    I am a boomer, and I

  6. First: Boomers are now the folks over 47 who can’t be trusted, but I hear ya… 🙂

    Second, if you place your faith and trust in the 20-something crowd you’re going to be stunned at how quickly it gets worse. This is a gen that has its strengths, to be sure, but they’re not critical thinkers. Great followers, but it’s way too early to know what kind of leaders they’re going to be.

    It’s time for the Boomers to circle back around to what they promised they would be in the ’60s. And they need to get over their misconceptions about X, my generation, and realize that if you want critical thinking to get out of a jam, we’re an awfully good crowd to place your bet on.

  7. Sam
    You have dashed my hopes for the 20 something crowd. So, we are left with boomers standing up against boomers. I can do that. We stood up once we can stand up again.

  8. Hey, don’t count us thirtysomethings out of the game yet! We’ve got the necessary cynicism of the boomers, but we’re not completely uncritical drones like our successors. 🙂

    In any event, I’m extraordinarily disappointed in the Dems for caving on this, one of the primary reasons we gave them back Congress in the first place. I can’t believe that they couldn’t possibly have found a way to fight harder, deal better, and block Bush in smarter.

    God bless Russ Feingold for pushing his bill as far as he did. If the Dems took their cues from him, they wouldn’t be so quick to embrace the “cut and run” meme.

  9. Let me try to move us past the whining about which generation is going to do what and state this as plainly as I can:

    Bush is a bully, a liar, a criminal, and a budding dictator – and when faced with the opportunity, given a MANDATE by the MAJORITY of AMERICAN VOTERS, the goddam Democrats were cowed. We have elected a group of school children – and not a single fucking one of them is willing to go up to this schoolyard bully and politically punch him in his smug nose.

    We of the blogosphere can analyze and criticize all we want – the alternative media can investigate and uncover all it wants – the main stream media – well, the main stream media are either Bush lapdogs or Fox News which means they’re Bush appointees.

    Our “president” is a lawless, evil man – our Congress is afraid of him – our Supreme Court is his ally and enabler. Where are we to turn?

    Let me quote a little Tom Paine:

    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.”

    I wrote this from memory. I suggest you all read it carefully and memorize it. We will all need this kind of inspiration in the coming days, weeks, months, and years….

    Let us all continue to think, write, and inspire. But let us not hesitate to find ways to act on these convictions we express so thoughtfully. We owe it to ourselves and to each other – and to our country.

  10. You know Jim, I keep hoping that there’s some kind of wonderfully Machiavellian strategy behind the Dem’s apparent deep throating here, that in time it will become clear how brilliantly they’ve played it, etc. But I’m not seeing it, no matter how hard I hope.

    And I got to tell you, it’s hard to respect people who can’t even outsmart George Bush despite having a massive public mandate and a majority in both houses. Such people do not deserve power. The only thing I can possibly say in their favor is that maybe it’s better to be the collaborator than the architect?

    Even if that’s true it’s not terribly satisfying.

  11. Bush is the enemy. The Democrats do not have an effective majority as long as he has the veto pen and the bully pulpit and the mostly quiescent media. To my mind it is self-defeating and short-sighted to blame Pelosi and Reid for their painful but (probably) necessary gambit. The apple comes up for another bite in just a few months, with FY08 budget and appropriations, and they will have a few more disgusted (or electorally scared) Republicans on their side.

  12. Robert,

    It could be that you’re right, and the Dems are pinning their hopes on September in order to score a win much closer to the 2008 elections, and away from the notion of not supporting the troops on Memorial Day weekend.

    That makes a lot of tactical sense. But how many more soldiers and civilians will die while they wait?

  13. Perhaps no more, Martin, because a principled stand at this point would not change Bush’s warmaking. I don’t know, and if I were on the Hill I would be voting for immediate standdown and rapid redeployment. But if this tactic leads to a veto-proof bill in a few months, that’s better than a veto-proof bill never. In other words, I would not describe what the Democrats are doing as standing still, but as maneuvering to create real change as soon as possible. I hope I’m right (but I will admit I’m the kind of guy who tends to describe a glass as three-quarters full).

  14. While the politicians ‘maneuver’, our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brother, sisters and dear friends are dying in Iraq without any justification. Meanwhile, the Taliban, who actually did attack our nation, are stronger than ever, and have only the Afghan army and those few coalition advisors to contend with.

    Our best hope for 2007 has been dashed by the election of a set of lip-service only political leeches who do not have the courage or integrity to tell the president NO by refusing to fund Bush’s War. Their refusal to stand united and prevent the war from continuing is resulting in more deaths of our finest and bravest citizens.

    Our system is broken. Only people lacking integrity are able to be elected to office. Those who could lead are denied the opportunity by a system that places more importance on fundraising than integrity.