What is with Monicas and presidents?

Another trollop named Monica, another White House scandal involving blown jobs. Does it ever end?

Former White House aide Monica Goodling today testified before a House panel that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales did in fact see a list of fired-ass US Attorneys, after he said publicly that he had not. See for yourself…


Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL): “Going back to your testimony earlier today, Ms. Goodling, General Gonzales testified that he never saw the US Attorneys list, the list of terminated US Attorneys. Is that accurate to your knowledge, Ms. Goodling?”
Monica Goodling: “I believe he did see a list.”
Davis: “So if General Gonzales testified that he didn’t see the list, you believe that would be inaccurate testimony on his part, don’t you?”
Goodling: “I believe he saw a list.”
Davis: “So therefore you believe it would be inaccurate testimony?”
Goodling: “Yes.”
Davis: “If General Gonzales testified that he had never been briefed about the list, do you believe that would be accurate or inaccurate testimony?”
Goodling: “I believe it would be inaccurate.”

“General” Gonzales? I’m guessing that’s an appopriate title, at least until he’s ex-General, which may be muy pronto.

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  1. Remember, folks – remember how many other “graduates” of Regent “University” are still loose in the Bush administration. This vapid little Federal Government Jesus Barbie (who will be played by Jean Kasem [ http://al.godsdirectcontact.org.tw/vg-vip/query/images/0151.jpg ] in the made-for-TV movie on ABC next week) is just one rat in the sewer.

    Yeah, it’s fun to see her flinging Gonzo under the bus, and hopefully she’ll help bring down the whole house, but as long as people like her can get a job in DC as anything more serious than a roller-skating waitress at a retro ’50s diner, the battle isn’t over.

  2. When I was listening to the Fresh Air interview I mentioned in my post last week, I remember hearing that Regent had a justified crappy reputation as taking anyone Christian regardless of ability – before and during Monica Goodling’s school years. However, in doing his book research, Charlie Savage spent a lot of time at Regent and came away with the impression that the law school had taken all the criticism to heart and was hiring highly qualified instructors and making their admission standards dramatically more stringent, just as you’d expect a true university to.

    So, by all means, rip into Goodling for being a ditz. But don’t assume that everyone graduating from Regent today and in the years to come is that ditzy – you’d be giving them a tactical advantage by underestimating their abilities.