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Shelley the Republican fears S&R

I doubt we’ll get the comment approved. But here’s what I submitted to the God’s Hitlist page at Shelley the Republican:

Seriously, this is all pretty offensive. I’ve turned this godforsaken site inside-out and can’t find a single mention of either me or Scholars & Rogues, and I promise you, God hates us a lot worse than he does some of the fence-straddlers on your list.

StR needs to get with the program. Not only are we going to Hell, we might be in charge of the place by the time Bono gets there.

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  1. Oh, shit. I’m afraid I’d vote for Bono. I mean, no offense to the rest of y’all, but he does have great hair for a dude his age.

    And, by the way, damn you for making me read Shelley the Republican. Nothing I hadn’t seen before, and all the talking points are old enough to shave, if not to vote, but the sheer level of mind-numbed kool-aid guzzling is still enough to make me want to cry.

  2. Shelley the Republican could not have been written by anyone with an IQ over 80.

    I personally think that the site is written by someone on the left, under the guise of being a faithful Republican. I don’t put anything past either side.



  3. Sam:
    Thanks for making blood pressure go up. I just can’t believe this woman. Of course I had to leave a comment it was way to tempting.

    If you go through the blog, I think she is a neo nazi of with the KKK

  4. Sorry, friends, but I honestly think that STR site is a sub-par attempt at satire. Ditto with the Billy Bob Neck site (which is apparently the Billy Bob that STR’s blog wants to send to Iraq for 10k, but who knows if that donation box actually works).

  5. My favorite was the “wrong choices” list. Of course God hates Linux users, and Muzlims, their spelling not mine.

  6. FYI, StR is a satire site. Judging from some of the comments they seem to get, a lot of folks don’t get the joke. They’re a lot less obvious than something like Landover Baptist is, to be sure….

  7. StR is not satire.

    If you read through her post she talks about her church and their teachings. I went to the church site, its out of Arkansas and it clearly states that it is a KKK Christian church.

  8. Any moronic “God’s hit list” that doesn’t include John Lennon is a joke to Boomers.

    Just saying….

    Guess I better alert her. Don’t want her to miss offending such a powerful bloc….

  9. Good heavens! “College professors”? “Environmentalists”? “Liberals”?

    I, apparently, am screwed in the Great Game of AfterLife.

  10. drdenny,

    She could have saved time and keystrokes by just saying “drdenny and his ilk”.

  11. And gays are at the top of list of the groups of people who are harmful to the homeland. We’re worse than abortionists! *blows raspberries at StR priorities*

    I am amused that when someone dies, she claims “god won”. Or, I was amused until I realized that she’s likely serious, in which case it’s pretty messed up. Kurt Vonnegut hit his head and died, so Shelley god wins? What is wrong with people?

  12. SilverSliver: Of course, we’re at the top of the list. We actually have an agenda; everyone else is just flailing around at ruining America.