The Mitt Romney Band’s “Tenuous Relationship With Reality” Tour rolls on: Saddam had WMDs!

Okay, first Mitt made up some wack story about 7-year French marriage contracts. Then he made up that Sueng-Hui Cho shot up Virginia Tech because of video games and the devil rock. (Link.) Now his magical mystery tour takes on foreign policy: Saddam had WMDs but he hid them in Syria. Okay, okay – Saddam may have hid WMDs in Syria.

Which would have been a great place to have them when, you know, you get invaded. Never mind that there’s zero evidence to support this claim – even Bush has acknowledged that much.

What will the voices in his head tell him next? Is he on the record asserting a link between Saddam and al Qaeda yet? If not, can I get that and “next Tuesday” in the pool?

A lot of questions have been swirling around the Romney campaign of late. Questions like “is he qualified to be President?” And “can a Mormon attract the support of the Catholics and Protestant evangelicals who have the GOP in a stranglehold?”

But maybe the more important question is whether he should be allowed to roam around outside without staff supervision. Not to be snarky, but in the space of a few days now Romney has demonstrated pretty conclusively that his respect for basic facts puts him in the same league with Bush and Cheney.

Maybe on his planet that’s proof that he’s presidential material. Around here it’s proof that he can’t be trusted with anything more dangerous than string.

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  1. It’s a field of loons. McCain has lost his marbles, Brownback never had any, and Giuliani… wow.

    I feel bad for the Republicans.

  2. Screw the Republicans. They’ve foisted on us successively a good natured Alzheimer’s patient, a CIA operative with enough ties to the Carlyle group to rope all the cattle in Texas, and a born-again moron with visions of Revelations dancing in his head.

    If sane, sensible people think any of these “successors” the Republicans are offering to that murderers’ row are presidential material, they should have their heads examined.

    Not that the Dems offer any hope….

    Sheesh – when did LCD become the standard for running for leader of the free world…?

  3. Either 1980 or 2000, best I can tell. It’s the rule of things now, though. How many people running at or near the top of the race in either party are what you’d expect if you had a functioning system?

  4. In Gulf War Part 1, Saddam was rather nervous that his air force would get pasted, so he sent the lot to Iran for protection. They never returned them (surprise, surprise). So it isn’t entirely far-fetched that he could have sent his WMD to Syria. Except for the fact that Syria would then get stroppy too.

  5. I guess it depends on what game Saddam thought he was playing. If he thought he was playing hide and seek and could trust Syria, than maybe. Althugh we still have zero intel supporting that. But if he thought that dubya was coming for him – and that seemed obvious – then he’d have wanted those hypothetical WMDs at the ready, right?

  6. It’s the religion that does it to them. Once you postulate the existence of magic, literally ANYTHING is believable. That’s how these people lost their minds.

  7. Have you seen the ad where Mitt claims “I just love to veto—I just can’t wait to get my hands on Washington” He sounds like an excited child who’s going to get a toy to play with and have a lot of fun. Just what we need again after 8 years of chimpy. He claims to have vetoed hundreds of bills in Mass. All that says to me is was totally ineffective in working with the local legislature.

  8. I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on digg.com or slashdot.