Save Internet Radio!

By Martin Bosworth

Following on Sam’s post from earlier in the week, the Copyright Royalty Board has agreed to extend the deadline of the new fees from May 15 to July 15. This gives fans of Internet radio a little over 60 days to make their voices heard before Congress and in the media.

This is serious business, people. If these royalty rates go into effect, it will spell doom for independent Webcasters and mashup stations like Pandora. To find out what you can do to help:

Radio And Internet Newsletter (Kurt Hanson)

Save Our Internet Radio

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  1. Right. This is legislation that literally targets about 2% of the online broadcasting, I think I heard (if anybody has a better number let me know). The big companies will be fine but those piddly little minnows, who are way more trouble than they’re worth to SoundScan and the RIAA, are going to be out of business. And they’re the only hope that a lot of bands have for airplay.

    If corporations want to bash each other senseless in a battle royal to dominate the corporate world, that’s one thing. But when they have their lackeys in government legislating all that is not corporate out of existence, that’s where my patience ends.

    Not to tell you how to feel, but yeah, you should feel that way, too…. 🙂