Hello, he lied…

Nothing’s quite as entertaining as watching a politician being flogged to death with his own words. Courtesy of FromtheRoots.org, we have Jim Inhofe (R-OK) then:

Our intelligence system has said that we know that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction — I believe including nuclear.

And now:

“The whole idea of weapons of mass destruction was never the issue, yet they keep trying to bring this up,” Inhofe said. […] “The media made that the issue because they knew Saddam Hussein had used weapons of mass destruction.”

Must have been that darned librul media, huh?

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  1. And the liberall media is selling the threat of global warming, or as Inhofe would say, “the greatest hoax” of our time.

  2. now is OUR opportunity to make these guys accountable. call his office, send these quotes to him… make him remember, and know that we are keeping track of what he says and does. this is the only way we can straighten this mess out. accountability, accountability, accountability. it’s the only way to keep them honest, or as close to honest as possible.