Gravel making some noise

The Dem debate the other night featured first tier candidates and second tier candidates, but a guy that many people never heard of – calling him third-tier is generous – stole the show.

No telling where this goes, but for the moment Mike Gravel is extremely popular among those who saw the debate and cared enough to voice an opinion.

Maybe his frankness will infect the rest of the field…

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  1. I want to know how much was sheer cajones as opposed to “I have nothing to lose here.”

    In poker we call it a “value bet” – you bet on cards you wouldn’t normally because you are in a position to do so (last to bet after everyone else calls) and you think you can represent a hand.

    Either it pays off big, or bites you in the ass.

  2. I’ve read a couple of articles on the debate, and I don’t think he was mentioned in any of them. Thoughts?

  3. He was mentioned prominently in what I read, but then again, I didn’t read much MSM coverage. I’m trying to get better sources these days…

  4. Had to sit and actually think about what MSM might stand for in this context. It’s something else completely in the circles in which I find myself and I knew that wasn’t what you meant.

    Anyway —

    I didn’t get to watch the debate and honestly, this was the first place I saw Gravel mentioned. Lots of discussion around Obama on campus (joint Law school / Kennedy school forum with professors and some of his staffers recently, actually), a little about Clinton mostly rumbling in the college, from what I could tell. Kucinich has a bunch of fans among my classmates at the Divinity School, too. I’d be interested to see whether Gravel even makes an appearance in the conversations being had here at all.