Blood in the dust: Border Patrol agent guns down immigrant…

by Amaury Nora

On March 26, Ramiro Gamez Acosta was fatally shot in the chest by a Border Patrol agent with a M-4 carbine. Acosta of Mexicali was hit once in the chest and was taken to an El Centro hospital, where he died about 20 minutes later. The autopsy report that was released today revealed that Acosta died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. The incident is being reported as a case of “self defense.”

The shooting was captured on surveillance video and according to the Union-Tribune, the video of that incident was leaked onto the Internet. The video could be viewed either on Union-Tribune or my blog. Warning; Viewer Discretion Advised. Graphic images may be disturbing to some viewers. The surveillance video obtained by the Union-Tribune does show the actual footage of the shooting from the leaked surveillance video.

According to recent reports, the incident occurred when Border Patrol encounter a group of individuals who allegedly began attacking them with rocks. I use the term a “group of individuals” because there is conflicting reports in the media on what actually occurred. According to Greg Gross of Union-Tribune:

The incident occurred during a violent encounter between agents and illegal border-crossers, about a mile west of the Calexico border crossing.

However, local NBC affiliate KYMA-TV reported:

Agents say a group of suspected smugglers began attacking them with large rocks.

Agents believe Gamez Acosta was one of the smugglers.

The Mexican government called for an investigation after Pablo Arnaud, Mexican consulate in Calexico, saw the full version of the incident on the Internet. According to Border Patrol supervisor David Kim, the FBI will investigate the shooting.

On the video, it doesn’t appear to show that the Border Patrol agent is being attacked, however you do see Acosta cock his arm back, which at that time the agent fired at him. Even more disturbing, after Acosta was gunned down, it seems somebody in the Calexico station moved abruptly moved the surveillance camera to the left. Was this done on purpose? There many question that need to be answered.

This type of behavior seems to be normal, recently Agent Nicholas Corbett was charged with first-degree murder of Francisco Dominguez-Rivera, of Puebla, Mexico, who was unarmed at the border in January. Corbett was also charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide. His excuse – he claimed he “feared for his life,” however, Corbett’s account didn’t match witness testimony or forensic evidence.

The present racial crisis in this country carries within it powerful destructive ingredients that may soon erupt into an uncontrollable explosion.

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  1. I agree – there are a lot of questions to be answered here. The video itself does not appear to show the agent being attacked – it looks like maybe Acosta is getting ready to throw a rock at the vehicle? What we see is disturbing, but I’m wondering if what we don’t see vindicates the agent or convicts him.

    That camera hanging a hard left is an interesting detail. If somebody is manning the cam, then you’d think that there’s video out there that tells us more.