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VA Wiccan Symbol

Finally, after too many years and a few lawsuits, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs will finally allow the Wiccan pentacle as an official symbol in national cemeteries and on government-issued gravestones. For a little more information, check out this San Francisco Chronicle link and this Stars and Stripes article. For a complete list of presently allowed symbols on headstones, check out the official VA page

[Thanks to The Raw Story for pointing out this good news earlier today.]

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  1. Um, glad that this is through, obviously, but how many people does this effect that it is such a large story? I’m also curious that – on the Stars and Stripes link – the Muslim five-sided star is listed as copyrighted. A religious icon? Copyrighted? How exactly do they work out the licensing fees for the dead? Although, not especially surprised that the Scientologists are also copyrighted – those loonies will copyright anything. And charge you while you’re dead.

  2. I have no idea what the copyrighted Muslim star means, and like you, I think copyrighting religious symbols is just plain stupid.

    As for why this is a big story, it’s probably because it’s viewed as a separation of church and state/religious freedom and equality issue by one segment of the population and as an abandonment of “Christian” values in favor of heathenism by another. I’ve been tracking it because of the first reason (I’m neo-pagan myself) and because I feel that our national cemetaries should represent all citizens, not just those who happen to be monothiestic or members of a church with a billion worshippers.

  3. Did you happen to look at that list of religions on the Stars and Stripes link? Wika is almost mainstream compared to some of them.