No abortion/breast cancer link

By Rori Black

Despite claims by anti-choice groups, a new 10-year study has concluded, once again, that having an abortion does not increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

Researchers base the findings on a study in which they followed 105,716 women for 10 years. They found no link between abortion and breast cancers that occur before menopause.

Earlier studies showed no link between abortion and breast cancers that occur after menopause.

The recent study, named after Harvard researcher Karin Michels, Sc. D., Ph. D shows, “The globality of evidence supports no link between induced abortion and breast cancer.”

In spite of the plethora of studies from reliable sources, such as the National Cancer Institute, four states have laws on the books that require doctors to warn women seeking abortion that the procedure may cause breast cancer – Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, and Texas. This year, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Wyoming tried unsuccessfully to introduce similar laws.

Thanks to recent court rulings, thirty-one states require “biased counseling and/or mandatory delays which may include providing information on breast cancer and abortion,” says a spokeswoman for Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.

In spite of the newest study, anti-choice groups will continue to use scare tactics to further their agenda. Previous large-scale studies have not deterred them from lying, and they have the full support of an anti-choice administration and supreme court.

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  1. These studies say that women who have had children before the age of 35 are less at risk for breast cancer than those who have not had children. What about women who have never been pregnant? Why are these women not a factor in the study?