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CU student arrested: had handgun, shotgun, and several hundred rounds of ammunition in room

This statement was just released. And somebody is throwing shots at NASA even as we speak. What a fucking day…


TO: Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Staff,
Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration
FROM: Housing and Dining Services
DATE: April 20, 2007
SUBJECT: Information on Student Residence Hall ArrestWe wanted to let you know of an incident that has occurred last night in Kittredge West Hall. The University of Colorado police department (UCPD) received an anonymous call regarding a resident who was in possession of weapons in his room. Upon investigation, UCPD arrested the student for possession of a handgun, a shotgun, and several hundred rounds of ammunition. Investigators have not seen evidence of any kind of threatening behavior associated with this individual. However, the student was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Deadly Weapons on Campus (2 counts – one for each weapon) and three counts of Unlawful Conduct on Public Property.

The Regents of the University of Colorado have passed laws that apply to all campus property banning all firearms from campus, unless possessed by University Police Officers. In order to accommodate a student who wishes to participate in shooting sports such as hunting and target shooting, UCPD will store weapons for the student who resides on campus. Students check their weapon(s) in with the university police upon arrival at campus with the weapon and check out with the weapon when leaving campus to participate in a shooting activity. This student did also have a weapon in storage with UCPD under this program.

The student has been summarily suspended from the university and will not be permitted back in the residence halls or attend class until the judicial hearing has been completed and a decision made about the case. The student was also excluded from campus and cannot be on campus for any reason.

We encourage the campus community to continue to watch out for each other and practice the security measures that we have recently sent out in other emails. If at any time, any suspicious behavior or persons is observed or any suspicious information is received, please call CU police immediately at 911 and report that information.

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