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Did NBC do wrong? No, says WPost writer Fisher

From a morning Washington Post chat with columnist Marc Fisher:

Washington, D.C.: Posting early … I know you will disagree, but for me NBC’s decision to show the images glorifies and sensationalizes violence and sets the parameters for the next mass killing. (After all, he cited Columbine.) There actually is a way to report on the senseless violence at VTU without glorifying it. So far, no one has.

Marc Fisher: Does the Cho video glorify and sensationalize violence? Hard to see how anyone could argue otherwise. Does the video potentially encourage others to go ahead with similar attacks? That’s conceivable too.

So how do I manage to support NBC’s decision to air the video? Because journalists do not have the right to hide material that is so clearly essential to a full understanding of a major public issue. Journalists have both a right and a responsibility to display something like this in an appropriate fashion–at the right time of day and with the right excerpting so as to minimize the number of children likely to see the broadcast. And NBC should–and did–edit out parts that included profanity and other especially disturbing bits. But especially in a case as emotionally difficult as this one, the public has a right to see key evidence that helps us understand just how detached from reality this guy was, and just what kinds of social ills are reflected in his particular psychosis.

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  1. NBC created this monster and they are trying to create another one by playing his propaganda video over and over. All the victims’ families should join together in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against NBC for wrongful death. You don’t believe it? Well, why did he sent his garbage to NBC? He knew that his propaganda would be shown by them because all he was really doing was mimicking their propaganda anyway. The Left says all us crackers deserve to die for what some moronic morons who lived 200 years ago did, and this guy just took that stupidity to it’s illogical conclusion. NBC is Cho’s father and ABC is his mother, and they are proud of their bastard child. Just turn on the TV and you can see their pride and joy.

  2. Honestly, as bad as I whip on the networks, it never occurred to me that they should withhold the video. Unlike so much of what they air on their news programs, that stuff was actually NEWS.

    It’s the network’s job to show me the news and it’s society’s job to act appropriately on that news. Right?

    Because, know what, the last thing in hell I need is goddamned Katie Couric making value judgments on what it’s good for me to see.

    She can’t be trusted to come up with her own personal reflections – how the hell can she be trusted to frame MY reality?