There is no opposition party in Washington

In describing the Democratic response to Bush’s sabre-rattling toward Iran, Power of Narrative’s Arthur Silber summed things up neatly:

They don’t object because — they don’t object.

The only thing wrong with Silber’s assessment is that it was limited to Iran. In truth, you could just as easily use those seven succinct words to characterize the Democratic Party in general. Time and time again, on critical issue after critical issue, the Democrats fall in line with their Republican leaders and do what they’re asked. They do the will of the GOP instead of the will of the people. They act in the interests of the nation’s narrow power elite instead of in the public interest. They follow instead of leading. And they do so because – they don’t object.

Some examples illustrate the point.

Obama and the art of the wide stance

By Martin Bosworth

I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what Barack Obama is about lately. Like his infamous colleague Larry Craig,the Senator from Illinois seems to be taking a wide stance–but where Craig’s wide stance was bracketed by the infamous airport bathroom stall where he made his political mark (so to speak), Obama’s issue stances are so broad that both supporters and opponents alike are scratching their heads, wondering “What the hell does this guy stand for?”

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Stop the insanity: Key "liberal" says Gingrich a "great thinker"

And you college football fans thought you were having a weird year. Pity the poor political junkies.

This all happened in just the last couple of days: a Libertarian candidate raked in over $4 million in one day, a liberal senator says Newt Gingrich is a genius, and supposedly fed-up Dems capitulated on yet another Bush nominee.

The latest Evans-Novak Political Report has quite a bit on Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the so-called “fringe” candidate running for the White House. Paul’s online haul is, per the report, “the largest single day of online fundraising in political history, and the largest single day of donations for any Republican candidate ever.” The report crows quite a bit about Paul, but that shouldn’t come as a total shock, as Novak has previously sung the praises of the Texas maverick.

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Mukasey nominated for Justice; strange bedfellows seem happy

Bush has nominated retired New York Federal Judge Michael Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales at the helm of the Justice Department. At a glance, this seems like about the best the Democrats could have hoped for, although it’s too early to say who’s really “won” here.

Bush was clearly motivated to avoid a public defeat, it seems. Harry Reid had promised a bloodbath over the candidate apparently preferred by the conservative wing of the GOP, former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson (although it’s hard to imagine how a threat from Reid could scare a nervous schoolgirl, let alone a pack of battle-toned werewolves like the Republican leadership). Continue reading