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Donald Trump is a pig, and Megyn Kelly is neither a journalist nor a feminist

These things are not mutually exclusive. I want to show you two pictures – ones you may have seen recently – and ask you a simple question: what is being communicated? What are the subject, the photographer and the publisher saying … Continue reading

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Do the right thing: Hillary’s “southern firewall” is about to vanish

Dear Ta-Nehisi Coates: Senator Bernie Sanders is an honest man. If you ask him a direct question, he will answer. If he doesn’t know, he will admit that he doesn’t know. He will tell you he wants to raise taxes. … Continue reading

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Anglican Communion: the radical inclusion of Jesus Christ

At the Episcopal Church of Saint John the Evangelist, in the Mission District of San Francisco, we share communion standing in a circle, the homeless, the transvestites, the breastfeeding mothers, the white guys in bow ties, a family gathered around … Continue reading

Politics: Don't Tread on Me

Right-wing domestic terrorists have carte blanche

It’s good to be a white domestic terrorist in the United States. Armed self-proclaimed “militia members” have seized control of the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. Gun-toting individuals from a dozen or more states have been showing … Continue reading


Top conservative media sites regularly misrepresent OISM’s Global Warming Petition Project

S&R investigated the top 15 conservative and/or libertarian media sites for mentions of the Global Warming Petition Project. We found over 80 since May 2008, but only five were on Fox News. Continue reading

A Millennial’s struggle: Cutting through Netflix’s noise

By Whitney Downard Hello, my name is Whitney and I’m addicted to Netflix. Netflix, as a company, has only existed since 1997. Streaming on Netflix began in 2007, according to company website. Yet Netflix has redefined the college experience for … Continue reading