Peddlers of climate change deceit have significant advantages over climate realists

Scientists are as sure of industrial climate disruption as they are that smoking causes lung cancer. So why hasn’t the international community made progress toward addressing climate disruption? There are at least four reasons. Continue reading


Crusader Baiter: Robertson declares war on Islam

In a move of unprecedented celerity and international cooperation, the Summit Against Violent Extremism launched a worldwide counterattack on the recruiting methods and radicalization techniques used by the Islamic State and other extremists. Recognizing that the threat must be neutralized … Continue reading


Tom Harris’ commentaries intended to impede, not advance, public understanding of climate science

Harris’ stated goals in his commentaries are diametrically opposed to the language and arguments he uses in support of those goals. Either he’s incompetent at public relations, or he’s not actually interested in moving forward the public debate on industrial climate disruption. Continue reading


Tom Harris distorts the maturity of global warming science and imagines expertise where little exists

Tom Harris’ recent commentaries distort the maturity of the science underlying industrial climate disruption and conflate the real expertise of climate scientists with the imagined expertise of most “opinion leaders,” engineers, and economists. Part Four of Six. Continue reading


Tom Harris places absurd limits on scientific truths and elevates ignorance to equal knowledge

Recent commentaries by Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition invoke a bizarro world where ignorance equals knowledge, where climate science can’t be true unless it’s transcendently True, and where there can be no unequivocal conclusions. Part Three of Six. Continue reading


Tom Harris’ recent commentaries rife with errors and illogic

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition is calling for the end of illogical arguments in the public discussion about climate disruption. But it’s hard to take his calls serious given all the illogical arguments and errors he makes in his various commentaries. Part Two of Six. Continue reading


Something fishy in the air from the Voice of America

OMG. Beware the fast AIDS! Oh, and Cuba! Turns out there was an article in eBioMedicine, an Elsevier service, so legit as far as I can tell. The paper appears to be by a bunch of legitimate researchers. According to … Continue reading


Tom Harris – hypocritical peddler of deceitful climate change editorials (corrected)

S&R reviewed eight related commentaries written by Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition since mid-December. We found that the commentaries represent tone trolling and are packed them with distortions, errors, hypocrisy, and more. Part One of Six. Continue reading


Burning alive of Jordanian fighter pilot more evidence Islamic State refuses to grow up

By burning alive Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, the Islamic State reinforced an apparent commitment to behave like a terrorist organization, not a state. It’s well known that revolutionary movements and/or terrorist organizations generally moderate the extreme violence that may … Continue reading