The LeBron James story is the future of sports journalism

“Journalism-as-process” is here, for good or for bad, and whether you like it or not It’s going on nearly two weeks now since LeBron James announced he was returning to Cleveland. So who broke the story? Well, Chris Sheridan was the … Continue reading


American conservatives: some of the most important history you’ve probably missed

Racism or abortion? You decide. For the sake of history and truth, this might be the most important thing you read in quite a while. The Real Origins of the Religious Right @ Politico Short version: evangelical “community organizers” (recognize that … Continue reading


Is the Nissan Leaf fun to drive? – Renewable Journal for 7/14/2014

Electric motors provide instant torque. So yes, the Leaf is one hell of a lot of fun to drive. Continue reading


Why can’t you ladyfolk be nicer when explaining feminism to us? [trigger warning]

A personal perspective from the front lines of the war on women Oh. I see. Share this if you get it. Source: name withheld for safety In the quote that follows, “I Blame the Patriarchy” blogger Twisty addresses a question I, like … Continue reading


Sinclair Lewis imagines American dictatorship: It can’t happen here … can it?

“More and more, as I think about history…I am convinced that everything that is worthwhile in the world has been accomplished by the free, inquiring, critical spirit, and that the preservation of this spirit is more important than any social … Continue reading