Greetings from Brisbane, California

My town of Brisbane, California is a suburb of San Francisco, butting right up against The City’s southern border. And Brisbane has a lagoon, and Caltrain railroad tracks, which are nice to have… (Picture taken at sunrise in Brisbane, California … Continue reading

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The State of Literary Art IV: fiction that is super – or maybe just superfluous…

What Joe David Bellamy calls “super fiction” may well have led us to the superfluous… (For previous essays in this series, look here, here and here.) After a week away, we return to Joe David Bellamy’s Literary Luxuries: American Writing at the … Continue reading


Book Review: Mercedes Wore Black, by Andrea Brunais

Mercedes Wore Black is either a romantic political thriller or a political thriller romance – that’s for the reader to decide… Andrea Brunais is a highly decorated former investigative reporter in Florida. Her new novel, Mercedes Wore Black, reflects her … Continue reading


America has gotten to the point where anytime I say something intelligent, I feel like I’m trolling. Jesus is coming, and he’s bringing a sock puppet…. How dumb is America?