Blackwater fades into the men in the Greystone suits…

After the debacle of last September’s murder of Iraqi civilians, many Americans held out hope that Blackwater, former Navy Seal and right wing evangelical Erik Prince’s guns-for-hire to the Busheviks operation located in the Great Dismal Swamp of eastern North … Continue reading

Blackwater and the Baby Boomer conscience…

There’s a now (rightly) forgotten “war film” from the 1950’s called Kiss Them for Me that stars Cary Grant and Ray Walston as Navy fliers on leave during WWII. It’s a slight piece of film making (mostly designed to appeal … Continue reading

Being Blackwater means never having to say you’re sorry…Condi will do that for you…

Blackwater Security (shown here on one of their typical helicopter patrols in Iraq), who was involved in a shootout Sunday that updated reports now say left over 20 Iraqi unarmed civilians dead, has yet to offer an apology for the … Continue reading

Blackwater completes the trifecta – a navy now in the offing…

Even though they’re being expelled from Iraq, Blackwater, the North Carolina based private dominionist military force security company, is adding a navy to its already burgeoning army and its nascent air force. An invitation only open-house for friends of Erik … Continue reading

Iraqi government pulls Blackwater’s license…for now, anyway…now, what to do with all that firepower…?

The Iraqi “government” (well, that’s what the Bush administration calls it, but then they call themselves a government, too, so there we are) has expelled Blackwater Security from its job to commit legalized mayhem provide security services in Iraq. Citing … Continue reading

Blackwater Flies…

Our friends at Blackwater Security are creating their own air force. The company which provides “security solutions” by contract to the United States in Iraq (and is building bases in every coastal state in the US), already has a fleet … Continue reading


Book Review: The Day the Mirror Cried by Saundra Kelley

An interesting olio of tales, vignettes, and short stories with poetry used as a gloss…Kelley’s collection offers nods to Faulkner, Capote, O’Connor, and other Southern legends…. Saundra Kelley’s new book The Day the Mirror Cried reflects a couple of facets … Continue reading

What will America look like after the apocalypse? Not what you think.

Recently, a left-wing colleague described his vision of where America is headed over the next forty years–breakdown of government, mass starvation, roving bands of marauders, etc. It’s interesting that this is exactly the same vision shared by those on the … Continue reading