More than marketing: The Blueflowers and the New Wave of Americana

I’ve never much cared for the musical genre broadly known as Americana, and lately I’ve been thinking about why this is. I suppose it’s acceptable to say hey, I’ve listened to a lot of these artists and most of them … Continue reading


From The Raveonettes to Belle & Sebastian? Streaming music algorithms shouldn’t suck this badly…

Predicting bands a user is going to like isn’t easy. But surely Spotify, Pandora and iTunes can do better than this. I’m a freak for new music. Always have been. In a given day I’m usually listening to whatever cool … Continue reading

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After 22 years, My Bloody Valentine is back: geniuses or the most overrated band ever?

I had this little Facebook exchange yesterday with Tony Hamera, guitarist and songsmith for one of my favorite bands, The Blueflowers. Tony Hamera MBV – I don’t think there is a more overrated band in the annals of music history….. Sam … Continue reading

Dr. Sammy's Best CDs of 2011, pt 3: the Platinum LPs

Previously: the 2011 Gold LPs and the Honorable Mentions. The Platinum LPs, awarded for exceptional artistic merit, are always the point where this process begins to wear on me. I want to make sure I have included all the worthy bands … Continue reading